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Scott Walker wins Conservative of the Year 2014, leading an exceptionally strong field of 19 conservative nominees:

Tentative Rank Name Achievements Comments
1 Scott Walker Brought conservative prosperity to the formerly liberal Wisconsin, and then won reelection as governor by a landslide despite predictions of a close race.[1] Will he run for president in 2016?
2 Greg Abbott In becoming the next conservative governor of Texas, Abbott fended off—and trounced—incredibly vile attacks by the pro-aborts which culminated in a wheelchair advertisement against him, which even some on the Left found to be appalling. He then won by a landslide of more than 20 points. He might be able to win the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Why wait?
3 David Brat Achieved the upset of the decade by defeating, in a landslide, the House Majority Leader in his own primary.
4 Nigel Farage For taking a stand against the dilution of British values by excessive immigration.
5 Tom Cotton A strong conservative who defeated the entrenched Dem incumbent U.S. Senator by a landslide of 17 points—a full 10 points more than the polls predicted.
6 Tim Scott African American U.S. Senator from South Carolina, who won reelection by adhering to conservative principles
7 Judicial Watch This organization has doggedly pursued the Obama administration with great success. Their lawsuits have uncovered IRS abuse, redacted Fast & Furious documents, as well as Benghazi details.
8 George P. Mitchell Father of Fracking, Mitchell revolutionized oil and gas extraction from shale rock formations. In 2014, America is challenging OPEC as the leading producer of hydrocarbons. Domestic oil production is at a 30 year high and real energy independence is within reach. Mitchell passed onto the Lord in 2013. Mitchell's ingenuity exposes two fraudulent Obama statements; "We can't just drill our way to lower gas prices," and "You didn't build that."
9 Mia Love Overcoming the intense opposition by liberals to black conservative women, she was elected to Congress in a district previously held by a Dem. For an encore, she could win the Senate seat held by RINO Orrin Hatch, and she could go further after that.
10 Inhabitants of Crimea Voted to join Conservative Russia, rather than the pro-homosexual agenda European Union.
11 Germany Continues to reject same-sex marriage and, with a conservative spirit at home and abroad, emerged victorious over same-sex marriage nations in the World Cup.[2] Also stood up against the Obama's Administration NSA's spying against them. Would rank higher if it were not for leading Western European opposition to Vladimir Putin.
12 Texas GOP stood up against the homosexual agenda by endorsing the right to conversion therapy
13 Christmas shoppers Rejected Black Friday in greater numbers this year, handing a setback to the attempt to secularize Thanksgiving Day.
14 Kris Kobach a conservative who stands against illegal immigration, Kobach won reelection in a 18-point landslide as Secretary of State despite an all-out attempt by liberals to defeat him
15 Vladimir Putin Continued to provide clear leadership in resisting the homosexual agenda. Demonstrated contrast with weak liberal Barack Obama. For continuing to resist the homosexual agenda and refusing to change course despite a crashing Russian economy.
16 Conservative Africans For continuing to resist the homosexual agenda and refusing to bow down to liberal, Western, cultural imperialism.
17 College of Cardinals For dramatically rejecting liberal proposals made by the Pope on issues of marriage and homosexuality, despite intense media pressure to approve them.
18 Tony Abbott The world's leading critic of the liberal hoax of global warming, the Australian Prime Minister flew circles around Leftists on this issue, and the climate change conference in Peru ended in failure.
19 Kurdish Peshmerga troops Protect Christians and other civilians from the terror group Islamic State.

Demoted Nominees

Tentative Rank Name Reason Promoted Reason Demoted
1 Bill O'Reilly For relentlessly and tirelessly fighting against the War on Christmas. He has also exposed reality to atheists attempting to secularize other Christian holidays. O'Reilly is Archie Bunker for people over 75 years old, and won't even speak against the homosexual agenda in a meaningful manner.

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