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*[[Conservapedia:Videos on Conservapedia|Videos about Conservapedia]]
*[[Conservapedia:Videos on Conservapedia|Videos about Conservapedia]]
== See Also ==
* '''[[Conservative news organizations]]:''' [[:Category:Conservative Media|Conservative Media]], [[:Category:Conservative Magazines|Conservative Magazines]] , [[Conservative blogs]], [[Conservative columnists]], [[Essay:Best News Sources|Conservative news websites]], [[Conservative video]], [[:Category:Conservative Youtube Channels|Conservative Youtube channels]], [[:Category:Conservative Podcasts|Conservative podcasts]], [[First Amendment]] and the [[Constitution First Amendment Press Association]] ([http://CFAPA.org|CFAPA.org])
* '''[[:Category:Conservative Organizations| Conservative Organizations]]:''' [[Major conservative organizations]]', [[Conservative think tanks]], [[List of conservative, neoconservative and libertarian think tanks]], [[:Category:Conservative Companies|Conservative Companies]]
* '''[[Conservative Links]] :''' [[Conservative resources]], [[Conservative humor and satire resources]]
* '''[[Essay:Invest in tangibles|Investing in Tangibles]]''' for [[:Category:Survivalism|Economic preparedness]]
* '''[[Strategic relocation]]:''' The [[Vote with your feet]] movement and [[American Redoubt]] - [[Free State Project]] - [[Free State Wyoming]] - [[Free state]]s versus [[Non free state]]s
* '''[[Fiscal conservatism]]:''' [[Ludwig von Mises]]' [[conservative]] [[libertarian]] [[Austrian economics]] and  [[Capitalist]] [[Conservative economic policies]] of [[Ron Paul]]
* '''[[Limited government]]:''' [[Conservative values]]/[[Traditional values]] - [[Modern conservatism]] - [[Preparedness | Modern preparedness]], [[Capitalism]] and [[Free enterprise]] are the original [[American]] [[Patriot]] [[Founding Fathers]]' values
* [[American values]] and [[Free enterprise]]-[[Capitalism]]
* [[Small town values]] of [[Real America]]
* [[Family values]]: [[Parental rights]], [[Homeschooling]] and [[Parochial school]]
* '''[[Preparedness|Modern preparedness]]:''' "[[if times get tough, or even if then don't]]", [[Debt is financial cancer]], [[Tax is theft]], [[Renewable energy]], [[Financial security]], [[You are in control of your life]]
** '''[[Invest in tangibles]]:''' [[Rural]] [[farm]] [[land]], [[Tools]], [[Food storage]], [[Precious Metals]], [[Ammunition | Copper-jacketed lead]] and [[Firearms]]
** '''[[Agriculture]]-[[Permaculture]]-[[Gardening]]:''' [[Growing your own food]], [[Food storage]] and [[Water storage]]
* [[Essay:Conservative Benefits]]
* [[Libertarian|Libertarian values]] and [[Conservative values]]/[[Traditional values]] are the original [[American]] [[Patriot]] values
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===Contrast With===
* '''[[Liberal media elite]]''': [[Mainstream media]]
* '''[[Liberalism]]:''' [[Liberal values]], [[Similarities between Communism, Nazism and liberalism]]
* '''[[Public school values]]:''' [[Entitlement mentality]] [[Indoctrination]] of the  [[Teacup Generation]] by [[Public schools in the United States]] and [[Common Core]]
* '''[[Teachers' unions]]:''' [[National Education Association]] and [[American Federation of Teachers]]
* '''[[Hollywood values]]:''' [[List of celebrities against Second Amendment]] - always [[Liberal]] [[Elitist]]s
* '''[[San Francisco values]]:''' [[Diane Feinstein]], [[Nancy Pelosi]], [[Barbara Boxer]], [[Leland Yee]]
* '''[[Fashion industry values]]''': [[addiction]] and [[eating disorder]]s
* '''[[Professor values]]''' and [[Politically correct|Political correctness]]
* '''[[Obamunism]]:''' [[Income redistribution]] of [[Obamanomics]] [[Economic planning]] of the [[Obama administration fiscal policy]], [[Obama administration monetary policy]], [[Obamacare]], [[Federal funding]] via [[Crony capitalism]] ([[Obama donor list]], [[Bailout]], [[Obama administration corporate bailouts]], [[Obamageddon]])
* '''[[National debt|National Debt]]:''' [[Debt Ceiling]]-[[Deficit spending]] and the [[Federal Reserve System]]'s [[Ponzi scheme]] of [[Quantitative easing]]-[[Debt monetization]] [[devaluation]] of [[Fiat currency]] through [[Money supply]]-[[Treasury bill]]s bought mostly by [[China]] and [[Japan]]
* '''[[Globalization]]-[[Globalism]]:''' [[United Nations]], [[International Monetary Fund]], [[World Bank]]
* '''[[Liberal]] [[Keynesian economics]]''': [[John Maynard Keynes]] and [[Fabian Socialism|Fabian Socialist]] influence on [[Barack Obama]]
* '''[[:Category:Banksters|Banksters]]:''' [[Elitist]] [[Quantitative easing]] of the [[Federal Reserve Bank]], [[MF Global]], [[Goldman Sachs]], [[AIG]], [[Rothschild family]], [[Bernie Madoff]], [[Dianne Feinstein]]
* '''[[Big government | Big Government]]''': [[Liberal values|Liberal]] [[ObamaCare]]-[[Common Core]]-[[Social Security]] [[Welfare state]] leads to [[Nanny state]], leads to [[Gun control]], [[Militarization of police]], [[Asset forfeiture]] and Domestic [[mass surveillance]] of law-abiding [[citizen]]s via the '''[[Police state]]''': [[Globalist]]-[[United Nations]]-[[Statist]]-[[Socialist]]-[[National Socialist]]-[[Communist]]
* '''[[Militarization of police | Militarization of Police]]:''' [[SWAT]] and [[Pre-dawn raid | Pre-dawn]] [[No-knock raid]]s, [[Sneak and peek warrant]]
* '''[[Perpetual war | The Perpetual War]]:''' [[War on Drugs]], [[War on Terror]] and the [[Police state]]
* '''[[Asset forfeiture | Asset Forfeiture]]:''' [[Confiscation]] for [[Police]] [[budget deficit]] via [[RICO]]
* '''Domestic [[Mass surveillance | Mass Surveillance]] of Law-Abiding [[Citizen]]s:'''  via [[Utah Data Center]], [[PRISM]], [[NSA]]-[[DHS]]-[[BATF]]-[[FBI]]-[[CIA]] and other [[Intelligence agency | Intelligence agencies]]' [[Computer surveillance]], [[Eavesdropping]], [[Data mining]], [[Spyware]], [[Wiretap]] - [[Roving wiretap]], [[Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act]] of the [[Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court]], [[NSA warrantless surveillance controversy]], [[National security letter]], [[Patriot Act]], [[NDAA]], [[Executive Order]]s, [[United States Census]], [[Common Core]], "[[Stasi]]"-like [[secret police]] "[[If You See Something, Say Something]]" [[informant]]s, and other exponential expansion of the [[Police State]]
* [[Nazism and socialism]]: [[National Socialism]] - the Nazis were elitist [[Police state]] [[liberals]] not [[conservative]]s
* [[Liberal totalitarianism]]
[[Category:Essays about Conservatism]]

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