Contemporary painting

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Gallery of
Contemporary painting

XX and XXI Centuries

From the most famous masters.

"while I know that the beautiful, the spiritual and the sublime are today suspect I have begun to stop resisting the constant urge to deny that beauty has a valid right to exist in contemporary art." Ian Hornak

Cezanne Sous Bois Provencal.jpg

Paul Cézanne, Sous Bois Provencal, c. 1900-06.

Ardon The Awakening.jpg

Mordecai Ardon, The Awakening.

See also

Per Kirkeby, Winter, 1999.
Eole by Philippe Dubois, 1989.

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Le Chant du Monde by Claude Verlinde.
Blanchard, Cafe de la Paix.
Abstract Lithograph by Max Bill
Georges Mathieu, Atomic Age.

Stanley Spencer Village Gossips, Gloucestershire.jpg

Village Gossips, Gloucestershire by Stanley Spencer.