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Cooperation between Asian atheists and Western atheists nonexistent or virtually non-existent

China has the largest atheist population in the world.[1]

In recent years, international cooperation among atheists has been low (see: Atheism and international cooperation among atheists).

Atheism is not a movement which tends to create community as most atheists are apathetic when it comes to such matters (see: Atheism and apathy).

China has the world's largest atheist population and practices state atheism.[2][3] See: China and atheism

East Asia contains about 25 percent of the world’s population. China’s population represents 20 percent of the people on earth.[4]

Razib Khan points out in Discover Magazine, "most secular nations in the world are those of East Asia, in particular what are often termed “Confucian societies.” It is likely therefore that the majority of the world’s atheists are actually East Asian."[5] See: Asian atheism and Global atheism

China is not sending out atheist activists to evangelize the world as far as atheism. There are no Chinese, atheist evangelists evangelizing Africa. In fact, such an idea probably never occurred to them - especially given Chinese racism (see: China and racism).

In fact, evangelical Christianity is experiencing explosive growth in China (see: Growth of Christianity in China). To see the magnitude of the explosive growth of Christianity in China, examine this graph about the growth of Christianity in China in a DW news story about Chinese Christianity (DW is a mainstream news outlet in Germany).

In 2014, the New American website indicated:

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is letting its members know that the party’s official adherence to militant atheism has not changed; Party members are not allowed to be Christians, or to hold any other religious beliefs. That is the clear message sent by a top Party official in an editorial published on November 14 in the Global Times, the international version of People’s Daily, the official newspaper and mouthpiece of the CPC.[6]

The unity of atheists within the CPC is maintained via government force. And the fact that the CPC had to issue such a statement indicates that Christians were making converts of CPC members.

Chinese Christians and plans for evangelism outside of ChinaEdit

See also: East Asia and global desecularization

Professor Fenggang Yang indicates: "One sign of the advancing state of Christianity in China is that it is reaching out to the larger world. Nine hundred Chinese pastors gathered in Hong Kong this fall for the Mission 2030 Conference. Their goal: To send out 20,000 missionaries from mainland China by 2030."[7]