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British policeman.
{{Element | name=Copper | symbol=Cu | anumber=29 | amass=63.5 amu | noe=29 | class=Transition metal | cstructure=cubic | color=metalic burnt orange | date=Copper has been known since ancient times | discname=Unknown | origname=From the Latin ''cyprium''. | uses=Copper conduct electricity.  It is also usefull in jewelry and coins| obtained=chalcopyrite, coveline, and chalcosine  }}

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Atomic symbol Cu
Atomic number 29
Classification Transition metal
Atomic mass 63.5 amu
Other Information
Date of discovery Copper has been known since ancient times
Name of discoverer Unknown
Name origin From the Latin cyprium.
Uses Copper conduct electricity. It is also usefull in jewelry and coins
Obtained from chalcopyrite, coveline, and chalcosine