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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), officially the Washington Trust Foundation (WTF) [1] is an Islamic terrorist propaganda organization based in Washington D.C. whose stated aim is to portray "a positive image of Islam" through public relations and the media.

In 2014, the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR as a terrorist organization.[2] CAIR was founded by three leaders of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), in June 1994.[3]

It has been cited of one of the group's founder Omar Ahmad's alleged 1998 assertion that Islam must one day dominate the U.S.[4]

The group's executive director is "Palestinian " American Nihad Awad - a Hamas supporter since March 22, 1994.[5][6][7]

Shortly before his CAIR career, "Palestine" propaganda group (IAP Islamic Association for Palestine) where Awad served as 'public relations director', published malicious anti-Semitic material including by Holocaust denier.[8]

Engaged in 'crudely anti-Jewish,' propaganda in 1999.[9]

In 2021, Awad dropped a quick assertion that Tel Aviv—Israel’s largest city and the place where its independence was declared—is "occupied." Prays for its so-called "Liberation."[10]

In fact, this Islamic lobby has a long record of Hamas, Hezbollah affiliation. [11][12]

It's engaged in fooling the establishment.[13]

In 2020, CAIR claimed that the victims of (9/11 where Arab Muslims massacred close to 3,000 for Jihad) that the Muslims are actually the victims.[14]

As a routine of sowing divisions in the US, after the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, it gave its "input" that it's supposedly: "Hard to imagine ‘black or Muslim defendant in the same circumstances being found not guilty.’"[15] Deceitfully, conveniently linking black and Muslim. As if all Muslims are supposedly linked to/with race issue in America.
(Related: The Black Lives Matter protests have triggered discussions on racism toward Blacks in the Arab and Muslim world. Activists are looking to change attitudes around skin color in their societies.[16])


The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an “Islamic advocacy group,” based in Washington, D.C. that describes itself as a “nonprofit, grassroots civil rights and advocacy organization” and “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization.”

While the group’s stated mission is to “enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims,” the group lobbies on national, state and chapter levels, for various anti-Israel initiatives. CAIR regularly issues “action alerts,” encouraging readers to send prepared letters to United States Members of Congress on various issues and pieces of legislation. The group also puts out press releases, writes op-eds and offers speakers as well as videos and studies meant to be used by the media.

As part of its activities the group has fought against the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act (AAA), promoted the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, demonized Israel and attempted to diminish American support for Israel.

CAIR has also partnered with a wide variety of other anti-Israel groups including Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). The group was founded “in 1994 by several leaders of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a now-defunct organization that was once described by the U.S. government as part of ‘Hamas’ propaganda apparatus.”

Many of CAIR’s leaders have also expressed hatred of Israel and Zionism.

In November 2014, CAIR, along with the Muslim American Society (MAS), was reportedly listed as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Noted People

  • Nihad Awad - National Executive Director "Palestinian" American (earlier, group he was at, promoted hate material including by Holocaust denier.[8])
  • Edward Ahmed Mitchell - Deputy Director
  • Ibrahim Hooper - Communications Director
  • Robert McCaw - Government Affairs Department Director
  • Zainab Chaudry - Director of Maryland Outreach
  • Hussam Ayloush - S. California (Indian Muslim)[18]
  • Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR in Michigan, has spread anti-Semitism and incitement.[19] He also showed support for terrorist Leila Khaled.
  • Zahra Billoo, San Francisco, CA. (A hater[20][21][22][23] and Farrakhan supporter.[24])


  • CAIR maintains it is simply an Islamic-rights group, but the Justice Department says it is a front group not only for Hamas, but for its parent the radical Muslim Brotherhood – a worldwide jihadist movement that prosecutors say has a secret plan to impose Shariah law on the U.S.[25]
  • "From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists," said assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg in a separate court filing.[25]

The Washington Times calls CAIR a pressure group which is "eager to pull down the nation's homeland security procedures" [14]

CAIR leadership has been criticized for supporting Islamic terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas.[26]

The Co-founder of CAIR, Omar Ahmad, has publicly stated:

Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran ... should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.[27]
Ahmad has claimed he was misquoted, but the experienced reporter and noted terror expert Daniel Pipes, who heard him say it, stands by his story's accuracy.

Spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told the Star Tribune "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future, but I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."[28][29]

CAIR supported the anti-Capitalist Occupy Wall Street-movement.[30]

CAIR wants "prayer rooms" for adherents of Islam in schools.[31]

Federal Court Designation as Terrorist Group

A federal judge has determined that the Justice Department provided "ample evidence" to designate CAIR as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, in fact a front for Hamas. The ruling, handed down July 1, 2010, was unsealed on November 26, 2010.[32][33]


CAIR's "Palestinian" American Nihad Awad, in 1994, declared his support for Hamas.[34] He said:[35]
“I used to support the PLO, and I used to be the President of the General Union of Palestine Students which is part of the PLO here in the United States, but after I researched the situation inside Palestine and outside, I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO.”

In March, 2021, this CAIR executive director Nihad Awad and Esam Omeish, a board member at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va., offered tributes to a top Hamas leader who died in Ramallah. “May Allah have mercy on you Dr. Akram Kharroubi, you were an excellent brother, friend, scholar and help to others,” wrote Awad. Awad described Kharroubi as a “great figure” who was “kind-hearted, honest in speech, cheerful in countenance, strict in truth, patient with adversity” and had spent his life “in the occupation prisons after leaving work and life in Washington.”[36]

CAIR is registered as a lobbying group and is required by tax laws to report to the IRS contributions over $5,000. The organization skirts disclosure laws by playing a shell game with 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) branches. This allows CAIR to hide donations from foreigners, "make it possible to collect millions of dollars from oil-rich Muslim nations without disclosure."[37]

CAIR tends to name right-leaning organizations as "hate groups" and "Islamophobes". In addition they name individuals, "whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims and whose work regularly demonstrates Islamophobic themes."[38] Some of the organizations targeted include Fox News, The Washington Times, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Mark Levin Show, National Review, Christian Broadcasting Network, Family Security Matters and the American Center for Law and Justice. Some individuals targeted include Herman Cain, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), David Yerushalmi, Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), Walid Shoebat.

There is controversy over whether they are a civil liberties group or just masquerading as one.[39][40]

As it was noted, as late as in 2022, CAIR not only inspires terrorists. It's historically linked to them."[41]

CAIR's claims, PR

CAIR has publicly condemned terrorism since their report following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing[42] and since September 11, 2001, has complied a 68-page list of its various anti-terrorism campaigns.[43] Most recently, CAIR joined many Americans in welcoming the death of Osama Bin Laden.[44] However, in the early 1990s CAIR was affiliated with several groups connected to Hamas and several individuals connected to it claimed to support Hamas. Most notable of these is former IAP (Islamic Association of Palestine) officer Nihad Awad, the group's executive director.[3] This, along with the Department of Justice's decision to initially list CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution, has led to confusion [sic] as to whether the group supports Hamas, a known terrorist organization. CAIR claims to address these allegations on its website.[45]

Linked lawyer advocacy for anti Police Molotov Cocktail thrower

2020 Orooj Rahman before throwing Molotov cocktail at Police car.

Lawyer, Rizvi who had been awarded a law school scholarship sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, helped secure bail for Islamic Molotov Cocktail-Throwing-at-Police NYC lawyer Orooj Rahman, around BLM riots.[46] Description:[47]

On May 30, in the first days of protests and looting in New York City following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Urooj Rahman and her friend Colinford Mattis allegedly gathered gasoline and other materials in order to construct Molotov cocktails.

According to court documents, they brought the homemade bombs to the protest, and Rahman is accused of hurling a Molotov cocktail inside the broken window of a police car. The pair also reportedly attempted to distribute the Molotov cocktails to others to encourage them to do the same. After initially being released on bail, the court on Friday ordered both of them back to jail. If convicted, they could face between 5 and 20 years in federal prison and be disbarred. During her attack on the police car, Rahman wore a Palestinian keffiya covering her nose and mouth in imitation of Palestinian protesters. A photo of her that appears in court papers shows her brandishing a Molotov cocktail in one hand while holding the keffiya over the lower part of her face with the other hand. In a video interview with Loudlabs News conducted on a Brooklyn street, Rahman wears a blue medical mask and additionally wraps her keffiya around the back of her neck and over her lower face. This imitation of Palestinian protesters does not appear to be accidental.

During the interview, Rahman justified the violence taking place against the police. People are so angry and frustrated over the deaths of Eric Garner, George Floyd, and too many others, she said, that the only answer is violence: "This s--t won't ever stop unless we f—king take it all down, and that's why the anger is being expressed tonight in this way. These people have so much pain – we all have so much pain from how f—ked up this country is towards black lives. This has to stop. And the only way they hear, the only way they hear us is through violence, through the means that they use. We've got to use the [slave] master's tools, that's what my friend always says."

When asked if she had heard that some police officers were hurt that night, Rahman again justified violence and blamed the mayor for not pulling the police back. Violence would continue, she warned, because "nothing else works." She also asserted that no reform of the police would be sufficient and declared, "It's not gonna be enough until they defund the police."

Rahman has a history as both a supporter of the Palestinian cause and an anti-police activist from her student days at Fordham Law.

Lamis Deek

Lamis Deek, a former Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) New York attorney and board member, In March 2022, Last month, she sent "All love and support to the magnificent" - to infamous[48][49] racist Zahra Billoo. In Apr 2022 at an Al Awda anti Israel demonstration she glorified Jihad and terror groups.[50]

Salaedin Maksut

Salaedin Maksut, Executive Director of CAIR-NJ, on May 11, 2021, played into anti Semitic tropes, a rant that included somethingabout "money"[51] and the racist Arab-Islamist ironically used the R word on his victims.

Jihadist John Allen Muhammad & CAIR's propaganda

The mass murderer Islamic terrorist, Nation of Islam member, John Allen Muhammad with his disciple Lee Malvo (2002), before jihadi drawing[52] were publicized, CAIR, propagated as if it was not.[53] related to Islamic terrorism.


CAIR was behind '' hate site dedicated to smearing and defaming any foe of jihadi violence and active 2009-2018 and was widely cited by Leftists and jihad enablers, even in the establishment media. [54]

Lady Al Qaeda / cyanide

Mainstream Muslim groups, such as: CAIR,Especially, the Islamist lobby: CAIR.[55][56] American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), the Islamic Circle of North America Council for Social Justice (ICNA-CSJ), and the Muslim American Society PACE, held a "Free Dr. Aafia Advocacy Day" in Washington D.C., where they met with congressional offices and lobbied for[57] the release of 'Lady Al Qaeda' - Pakistani "scientist" Islamic terrorist Aafiya Siddiqui, who plotted to carry out mass murder via chemical attacks[58] in NY, among other crimes. The racist Muslim demanded that any juror at her trial take a DNA rest to test if he or she is Jewish.[59]

In a November 11, 2021 panel that was streamed live on YouTube, CAIR-TX Panel on Aafia Siddiqui – Siddiqui’s Attorney Marwa Elbially: U.S. Government Lies on "Large Scale" Like with Jessica Lynch; Activist Linda Sarsour: Siddiqui "Embodies" a Political Prisoner.[60]

See related: Muslim bigot Malik Faisal Akram

With neo-Nazi Baker

CAIR-sponsored fund-raisers and conferences featured former neo-Nazi leader William Baker[18] and racist jihadist cleric Wagdy Ghoneim.

At a 1998 CAIR event, Ghoneim sang, "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes." And, after he was deported in 2004 for overstaying his visa, Hussam Ayloush, CAIR's Southern California director, called Ghoneim's removal from the U.S. "a dent in our civil rights struggle."[34]


A 2019 report:[61]

Hamze's SFMF is an umbrella group for a number of Islamic organizations in Florida. Both SFMF and several of its member-bodies boast ties to extremist operatives. On June 2, for example, just a week before the Group Violence Initiative event, SFMF promoted an event featuring hardline Islamist speakers and hosted by one of its member-organizations. The Islamic Foundation of South Florida's "Grand Iftar" featured prominent Islamist activist Yusuf Abdallah as a keynote speaker. In February, Abdallah was the subject of international news coverage after it emerged that he was to share a stage with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, despite Abdallah's well-documented history of violently-themed anti-Semitism. On his Facebook account, Abdallah posted a "very beautiful" story about a 'resistance hero' named Zharif al-Tawl, who took revenge against Jewish "gangs" by providing guns to "kill more than 20 jews" and "fire rockets at Tel Aviv."

This dangerous rhetoric is typical of the company that SFMF officials keep. Before leading SFMF, Hamze served as the "executive and operations director" of the Florida branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Under his watch, in July 2014, CAIR-Florida sponsored a pro-Hamas rally in Miami, at which participants chanted "We are Hamas! We are Jihad!" CAIR has repeatedly denied involvement, yet CAIR was listed on Facebook as a sponsor of the event and CAIR affiliates organized and attended the event.

In fact, Hamze's SFMF and CAIR-Florida continue to share officials. For example, Wilfredo Ruiz is an Executive Committee Member for Public Relations at SFMF, and also the communications director for CAIR Florida. Ruiz's history, like many others at CAIR and SFMF, is riddled with working with pro-Hamas and anti-Semitic groups. In an article Ruiz wrote for a Spanish Islamic website, he offers an anti-Semitic conspiracy that the Talmud, an ancient Jewish text, [sic] instructs Jews to [falsely claimed] "throw dead dogs and monkeys" at the graves of Jesus and Mohammad. In another instance, Ruiz 'liked' a Facebook post denying the Holocaust and claiming "Hitler was not to [sic] bad after all."

Currently, SFMF's Facebook is managed by Abdur Rahman al-Ghani, who offers similar extreme rhetoric. He has used his personal Facebook page to denounce Jews, calling them "demonic" and "the most evil on earth."

Azza Abuseif

CAIR-AZ Executive Director Azza Abuseif defended Gaza born "Palestinian" racist 'Cannibalism posting doctor', Pediatric Radiologist Dr. Fidaa Wishah, who was fired from her job at a children's hospital last week after accusing Israel of "cannibalism" on social media.[62]

Abubakar Osman / Sadiqq Abu Osman

CAIR-MN Official Abubakar Osman, or Sadiqq Abu Osman, posted on Facebook back in 2008: “i wish hitler was alive to f*** up the jewish ppl.”[63][64][65][66]

Pro-Pakistan propaganda

CAIR is involved in pushing Anti-Hindu and Pro-Pakistan propaganda. [67]


Hate crime rationalization

In 2019, it kind of justified San Diego Neo-Nazi synagogue attack and Muslim children singing about beheading Jews in Philadelphia.[68]

On Campus

Due to CAIR lobby hateful activism, in large part, it is "how CUNY became America's most anti-Semitic university."[69]

In May 2023, Islamic commencement speaker Fatima Mousa Mohammed slammed City University of New York (CUNY) Law for supporting ‘fascist’ (sic) NYPD, oppressive systems.[70] (Despite CUNY record of radical left). YouTube[71] "initially took the speech down but then after an uproar by radical leftist groups supporting Defund Police. Especially after protest by Islamic lobby CAIR, they reposted the vile speech back online.

Activism for racists

In 2022, Cair fought against the firing of a racist Arab Palestine "activist" - Natalie Abulhawa. [72]

Sexual discrimination and harassment

In an apparent fear of discovery of rampant sexual discrimination and harassment inside the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the lobby in Jan 2022, dropped its lawsuit against whistleblower, which was about trying to silence those who have spoken out, and to frighten others into silence.[73]

Amira Elghawaby

In Jan 2023 Justin Trudeau announced a new “special representative to "combat" "Islamophobia," CAIR linked[74][75] Amira Elghawaby. Her office will have a budget of $5,6000,000,[76] according to spokesperson from the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Ahmed Hussen.

Conservative reaction:[77]
Trudeau again chooses to divide Canadians by appointing someone who has made anti-Quebec, anti-Jewish, and anti-police remarks. He must appoint someone who can unite all of us in the fight against racism and Islamophobia.

In 2019, bigoted Amira was on panel with infamous Imam Qadhi who bases his views on authentic Islamic doctrine. Ysair Qadhi implied that the J.. are "evil people despised by the creation," called Jews and Christians "filthy" and "impure." [78]

See also


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    John Allen Muhammad along with his 17 year old partner, Lee Boyd Malvo, carried out the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks, killing 10 people and wounding several others in the Washinton area. Most of the shootings were made with a high powered rifle from inside the trunk of Muhammad's vehicle, which had been modified with heavy window tint, a hinged rear seat that provided easy access to the trunk from the passenger compartment, and a hole that had been cut into the trunk lid just above the license plate. Born John Allen Williams, Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1987 and later changed his surname to Muhammad. Drawings by Malvo describe the murders as part of a "jihad."  [...] Police also found the following items in the Caprice: a global positioning system receiver; a magazine about rifles; an AT & T telephone charge card; ear plugs; maps; plastic sandwich bags; a rifle scope; .223-caliber ammunition; two-way radios; a digital voice recorder; a receipt from a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, grocery store, dated September 27, 2002; an electronic organizer; a plastic bag from Big Lots; a slip of paper containing the Sniper Task Force telephone number; and a list of schools in the Baltimore area. Moreover, police found LaRuffa's laptop computer, onto which Muhammad had loaded “Microsoft Streets and Trips 2002” on September 2, 2002. In the software program, maps had been marked with icons, including some with a skull and crossbones. Icons indicated where Walekar, Lewis-Rivera, Seawell, Brown, Meyers, and Franklin had been shot. There was also a document entitled “Allah8.rtf” that contained portions of the text communicated to police in the extortion demands. In total, Muhammad was accused of shooting sixteen people and killing ten of them...

    One of Malvo's psychiatric witnesses testified that Muhammad, a member of Nation of Islam, had indoctrinated him into believing that the proceeds of the extortion attempt would be used to begin a new nation of only pure black young persons somewhere in Canada.
  53. Michelle Malkin, Laconia Daily Sun, Dec 13, 2003.

    From the moment John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo were arrested in the Beltway-area sniper case last fall, the media and Muslim activists wanted us to believe that the serial killings had absolutely nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.

    CNN downplayed Muhammad's religious conversion — calling him by his old name, John Allen Williams, when his identity was first revealed. Malvo was cast as a clueless dupe with no true convictions. Nihad Awad of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued: "There is no indication that this case is related to Islam or Muslims." Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper railed against conservative commentators such as the indomitable Mark Steyn, who had taken note of Muhammad's Islamic faith and his reportedly expressed anti-American sentiments after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Roeper also ridiculed National Review columnist James Robbins for astutely observing that the sniper was acting "like a jihadist warrior." Roeper smugly concluded: " . . . an awful lot of conservatives really, really wanted the snipers to be terrorists. But they were wrong. I'll say that because they never will."

    Now it is time for Roeper, CAIR and the militant Religion of Peace propagandists to face the facts once and for all. A chilling stack of evidence, introduced by Malvo's own lawyers last week at his capital murder trial, exposes accused sniper Malvo as an unrepentant Muslim extremist. He may not have been a card-carrying member of al Qaeda, but as Claremont Institute fellow John Hinderaker notes on, Malvo was more of a "freelance" Islamofascist — as legions of aggrieved fanatics around the world are.

    Malvo's violent drawings and anti-American and anti-Semitic rantings show him to be every bit as blood-thirsty, hatemongering and martyr-craving as any Sept. 11 hijacker or Palestinian suicide bomber. Among Malvo's jailhouse artwork, (online  [7]):

    Exhibit 65-006: A self-portrait of Malvo in the cross hairs of a gun scope shouting, "ALLAH AKBAR!" The word "SALAAM" scrawled vertically. A poem: "Many more will have to suffer. Many more will have to die. Don't ask me why."

    Exhibit 65-013: The word "INSHALLAH" above a portrait glorifying "Muammar Kaddafi" as "The Liberator" dressed in full military regalia.

    Exhibit 65-016: A portrait of Saddam Hussein with the words "INSHALLAH" and "The Protector," surrounded by rockets labeled "chem" and "nuk" (sic).

    Exhibit 65-043: Father and son portrait of Malvo and Muhammad. "We will kill them all. Jihad."

    Exhibit 65-056: A self-portrait of Malvo as sniper, lying in wait, with his rifle. "JIHAD" written in bold letters.

    Exhibit 65-057: A drawing of the Twin Towers burning with a plane flying toward the buildings. Captions: "JIHAD ISLAM UNITE RISE!" along with "America did this" and "You were warned." Portrait of Malvo as sniper labeled "Believer" and portrait of Osama bin Laden labeled "prophet." A poem: "Our minarets are our bayonets, Our mosques are our baracks (sic), Our believers are our soldiers." The American flag and the Star of David drawn in cross hairs.

    Exhibit 65-067: A suicide bomber labeled "Hamas" walking into a McDonald's restaurant. Another drawing of the Twin Towers burning captioned: "85 percent chance Zionists did this." More scrawls: "ALLAH AKBAR," "JIHAD" and "Islam will explode."

    Exhibit 65-103: A lion accompanies chapter and verse from the Koran ("Sura 2:190"): "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you and slay them wherever ye catch them."

    Exhibit 65-109: Portrait of Osama bin Laden, captioned "Servant of Allah."

    Exhibit 65-117: The White House drawn in cross hairs, surrounded by missiles, with a warning: "Sep. 11 we will ensure will look like a picnic to you" and "you will bleed to death little by little."

    Exhibit 65-133: Reference to "Islamic counter attack force . . . ICAF."

    Exhibit 65-114: Self-portrait of Malvo as sniper. Rant says "they all died and they all deserved it."

    Exhibit 65-101: Malvo's thought for the day: "Islam the only true guidance, the way of peace."

    Ten Americans were murdered at the hands of the Beltway-area snipers. Malvo's lawyers say he was insane and "brainwashed." No more so than your average madrassa student in Jeddah or America-hating cave dweller in Tora Bora. Malvo is, in his own words, a "believer" of Allah and a "soldier" for "JIHAD."
  54. Asra Q. Nomani, The acceptable face of radical Islam, Unherd, February 21, 2023. was born on April Fool’s Day 2009. At precisely 20:33:38, someone used the pseudonym “Zuhair Thomas” to register the new website with GoDaddy, an internet service provider based in Arizona. What “Zuhair” created was a platform for anonymous character assassins, who used the names of little-known fish species — “Emperor”, “Garibaldi”, “Danios”, “Darter” — to conceal their identities. Their targets were so-called “loons”: anyone who spoke out against Islamic extremism, or in favour of Muslim reform.

    For years, they targeted me, calling me an “Islamophobe”. I am a Muslim. But I had had the temerity to call out Muslim establishment leaders who won’t acknowledge the Islamic extremism lying at the heart of crimes such as those of the Boston Marathon bombers….

    After a decade of research, I have revealed the architects of LoonWatch in my new book, Woke Army. They are none other than officials at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, which presents itself as the face of American Islam and the nation’s largest Muslim (so-called) “civil rights” organisation. It is anything but. Rather, CAIR is a front for an extremist form of Islam. (The organisation didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment.) I also discovered that it is not acting alone. Although the internet often makes cancellations seem like spontaneous uprisings, the kind of character assassinations taking place on LoonWatch are targeted attacks by a loosely organised coalition of leftists and Islamist sympathisers. They seek to destroy, in the court of public opinion, anyone who strays from the “progressive” party line….

    The creation of LoonWatch — a watering-hole for these extremists — presented an opportunity to unmask some of the individuals enabling this hate. In 2018, I filed a defamation lawsuit, Nomani v. John Doe et al., winning the power to subpoena internet service providers for the real identities of 48 “John Doe” anonymous attackers. This led me to a treasure-trove of files, including one that revealed the identity of “Zuhair Thomas”.

    His order was recorded in GoDaddy’s internal “Shopper Info” files with the note: “Verified by Fraud Dept — Customer OK”. But data in the documents makes it possible to identify “Zuhair” as Muhammad Tauseef Akbar, a staffer at CAIR’s Chicago chapter, who used the moniker “Garibaldi” to harass critics of the organisation. Over the years, the bills for the account he set up were paid by the credit card of Ahmed Rehab, a longtime official with CAIR’s national headquarters and the executive director of CAIR Chicago. Rehab’s email, home address and work phone number appeared on the documents, although he used “Emperor” as his fake name on LoonWatch. This GoDaddy account also bought other websites on which CAIR critics were anonymously attacked — including IslamophobiaToday[dot]com and IslamophobiaSucks[dot]com….

    Establishment Muslims and their far-Left sympathisers strike more openly now. Earlier this month, on the floor of the Virginia Senate, state Senator Ghazala Hashmi, a Muslim American from India (no relation to Javad Hashmi), hurled the “white supremacist” smear at another Indian-American woman of colour, albeit a Hindu one….
  55. Activists, Muslim groups called for release of 'Lady Al-Qaeda' before terrorist took hostages at Texas synagogue, PM, Jan 16, 2022.
    Siddiqui's allies include mainstream Muslim groups like CAIR.
  56. Chuck Ross @ChuckRossDC Tweeted (Jan 15, 2022):
    CAIR has hosted many rallies to free Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Al-Qaeda, whose supposed brother is holding a synagogue hostage in Colleyville, TX
  57. Jessica Chasmar l, Mainstream US Muslim groups have called for Aafia Siddiqui's release, Fox News, Jan 16, 2022.

    Hostage taker at Texas synagogue allegedly called for Siddiqui's release.

    Just last month, CAIR’s Dallas-Fort-Worth chapter held an event called "In Pursuit of Freedom" at the East Plano Islamic Center in Plano, Texas, calling for Siddiqui’s release, claiming she had been "kidnapped, ripped apart from her children, shot at, renditioned to the U.S., and is currently serving an 86-year prison sentence for a crime she did not commit."

    On Nov. 18, the CAIR chapter held an online fundraiser for Siddiqui’s defense team. Days earlier, multiple Muslim advocacy groups, including CAIR, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), the Islamic Circle of North America Council for Social Justice (ICNA-CSJ), and the Muslim American Society PACE, held a "Free Dr. Aafia Advocacy Day" in Washington D.C., where they met with congressional offices and lobbied for Siddiqui’s release.
  58. Basil Katz, Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui loses appeal on shooting conviction, Reuters, November 5, 2012.

    She was arrested in July 2008 by Afghan police, who said she was carrying two pounds (900 grams) of sodium cyanide and crumpled notes referring to mass casualty attacks and New York landmarks.

    The day after her arrest, she grabbed an M-4 rifle in her interrogation room and started shooting while yelling “death to America,” the trial jury heard. No U.S. agents or soldiers were hit, but Siddiqui was shot and wounded in response, according to U.S. prosecutors.

    Siddiqui’s defense lawyers, three of whom were paid by the Pakistani government, argued that their client had shot at the U.S. officials in a panic and said the crime lacked any connection to terrorism.
  59. 'Lady Al Qaeda' the woman Texas synagogue hostage-taker wants freed: She planned chemical attacks on Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge and demanded juror at her trial be DNA tested to see if they were Jewish. By Daniel Bates and Alyssa Guzman and Stephen M. Lepore For Dailymail.Com, 21:49 15 Jan 2022, updated 02:54 16 Jan 2022.

    The hostage suspect wants Aafia Siddiqui, a known terrorist who is incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base near Fort Worth, freed 

    Siddiqui was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 by forces who found her with cyanide and plans to attack the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building 

    The Al Qaeda operative dubbed ‘Lady Al Qaeda’ bragged to her student friends at the age of just 21 that she would be proud to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list 

    Siddiqui, who was a biology major at MIT, said in 1993 she wanted to do ‘something to help our Muslim brothers and sisters’ even if it was illegal

    The unknown assailant took the hostages at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville during religious services around 11.30am

    Before the livestream cut off, the unknown assailant can be heard saying, 'I'm going to die. Don't cry about me' 

    The man who stormed a Texas synagogue on the Sabbath and is holding hostages has demanded the release of 'Lady Al Qaeda,' who is serving 86 years in a federal prison less than 30 miles from the hostage standoff.

    The suspect stormed the Congregation Beth Israel, in Colleyville, for Aafia Siddiqui, a known terrorist who is incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base near Fort Worth, and he is demanding for her release, according to police sources.

    Siddiqui was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008 by local forces who found her with two kilos of poison sodium cyanide and plans for chemical attacks on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.    The Pakistani-born neuroscientist had bragged to her student friends at the age of just 21 that she would be proud to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. She is serving an 86-year sentence at the Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth, about 25 miles from the hostage site at the Texas temple.

    During her trial, Aafia demanded that every jury member get DNA tested to see if they were Jewish.
  60. Memri, Jan 16, 2022. [8]. [9].
    CAIR-TX Panel on Aafia Siddiqui – Siddiqui’s Attorney Marwa Elbially: U.S. Government Lies on "Large Scale" Like with Jessica Lynch; Activist Linda Sarsour: Siddiqui "Embodies" a Political Prisoner.

    In a November 11, 2021 panel that was streamed live on YouTube by CAIR-TX and that was titled “Injustice: Dr. Aafia [Siddiqui] and the 20-Year Legacy of America’s Wars,” Aafia Siddiqui’s attorney Marwa Elbially said that the U.S. government lies on a large scale. She gave the example of the "fabricated" rescue of American soldier, who was taken hostage by Iraqi forces in 2003. She also said that the fact that Aafia Siddiqui has not become a “household name” for every American and that he has not been portrayed in “stupid TV shows” or “poorly-made movies” is proof that the government never really believed that she was an Al-Qaeda operative.

    Prominent Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, the Executive Director of Mpower Change, said that Aafia Siddiqui is a “political prisoner” like H. Rap Brown, who is serving a life sentence for the 2000 murder of two law enforcement officers, and like Leonard Peltier, who is serving a life sentence for involvement in the murder of two FBI agents. It is interesting to note that in September 2005, Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh also claimed that Jessica Lynch’s rescue had been staged ...
  61. Christina Armes, Broward County Has Another Extremism Problem, American Spectator, June 21, 2019. [10].
  62. Aila Slisco, 'Thirst to Kill': U.S. Pediatric Doctor Fired for Accusing Israel of 'Cannibalism', Newsweek, 6/29/21.
  63. M Olson, CAIR-MN Official says “i wish hitler was alive to f*** up the jewish ppl”, Alpha, April 17, 2019.

    Abubakar Osman, or Sadiqq Abu Osman, posted on Facebook back in 2008: “i wish hitler was alive to fuck up the jewish ppl and add more jewish causalities to the 6 million he killed in the holocaust…” [11] Abdul Basit, who is a member of the Board of Directors for CAIR Minnesota, has also expressed antisemitic attitudes. In a 2016 Facebook post, he suggested that those who “plot” against Bernie Sanders do so because they are Jewish.

    Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has worked closely with CAIR in the past, coming under fire recently for calling 9/11 “something some people did” at a recent event hosted by CAIR in California.
  64. Benjamin Weingarten, "American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party," Bombardier Books, Mar 17, 2020. [12]
  65. Steve Postal, Muslim Reform Movement founder opposes Omar, CAIR and Islamism abroad, The Christian Post (via M Z Jasser), May 18, 2019
  66. Sam Westrop, CAIR Official: "i wish hitler was alive to f*** up the jewish ppl", Islamist Watch, April 16, 2019
  68. Leonard Getz, CAIR-Philadelphia’s Distorted View of Children Singing about Beheadings and of the San Diego Synagogue Attack, PJ Media, May 25, 2019
  69. How CUNY became America's most anti-Semitic university, New York Post, Apr 6, 2023.
    The “cleansing” of Jewish students and lecturers from German ... the portal uses the CAIR-endorsed Jerusalem Declaration....

    Abd Alla was a director at CAIR Minnesota, which pushed the BDS movement under her watch..

    CUNY’s most powerful leaders have had documented ties or allegiances to the Hamas-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations.Google Maps

    Never mind that CAIR’s Minnesota chapter is so extreme that even CAIR national has distanced itself from it.

    In doubling down and commending CAIR’s work, the chancellor also falsely denied Abd Alla’s connection to the BDS movement.

    Overseen by Abd Alla, the portal uses the CAIR-endorsed Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism, which the nonpartisan nonprofit education organization StandWithUs has blasted as “deeply harmful,” “intended to cause confusion” and an attempt to “further the spread of antisemitism.”

    Anti-Semitic groups and individuals created the JDA to undermine the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s widely accepted anti-Semitism definition that more than 1,110 entities have adopted or endorsed..
  70. Isabel Keane, Commencement speaker slams CUNY Law for supporting ‘fascist’ NYPD, oppressive systems, Nypost,05/29/2023 .

    A graduate speaking at the City University of New York’s law school commencement called for a “revolution” to challenge oppressive institutions in the US — name-checking the “fascist” NYPD, the military, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the prison system.

    Future lawyer Fatima Mousa Mohammed, a Queens native who was selected by the graduating 2023 class to speak during the May 12 ceremony, praised CUNY for supporting student activism — but said the school still managed to fail students by supporting the NYPD.
  71. Jim Hoft, Ilhan Omar 2.0: CUNY Law School Graduation Speaker and Migrant from Yemen Lectures About “Oppressive Institutions” and “White Supremacy” in Speech, TGP, May 29, 2023.
  72. Natalie Abulhawa, Canary.

    Status: Professional University: TempleOrganizations: SJP ... Pre-University Anti-Semitism

    On May 20, 2013, Abulhawa tweeted: '"Why were you in the kiln?' -Ella 'Because I'm a jew -Sammy."

    On July 25, 2014, Abulhawa tweeted: "One day our children will be learning about the Palestinian (sic. Abulhawa:) holocaust, just like we learned about the Jewish holocaust."

  73. CAIR Drops Lawsuit Against Whistleblower, IPT News, January 10, 2022.

    A former employee who alleged rampant sexual discrimination and harassment inside the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was using “disturbingly false allegations” in a “systemic and continuous internet smear campaign” to get people to stop donating to, or working with the organization, CAIR said in a lawsuit filed last spring.

    Lori Saroya’s “public lies are damaging CAIR and the American Muslim community in ways that are significant and long lasting,” CAIR’s lawsuit claimed. But CAIR may have seen that damage as less harmful than a discovery process which could expose organizational secrets. CAIR abruptly filed a stipulation to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning it cannot be refiled, on Friday. CAIR had told the federal court in Minnesota that it would file an amended complaint by then. Throughout the fall, the two sides fought over CAIR’s refusal to answer a series of defense interrogatories. While CAIR claimed it had provided much of the information, some requests “were interposed solely to annoy, oppress, harass and unduly burden CAIR.”

    The resulting discovery, Saroya’s attorneys argued, would show she was not lying about “sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation against those who raised these issues, gross financial mismanagement, disregard of basic governance requirements and duplicity about its raising of foreign funds, and at whether CAIR has been disingenuous with its Board, donors, chapters and volunteers, as well as the Muslim community at large.”

    For example, CAIR objected to her request for internal investigative reports involving misconduct within CAIR’s national chapters because they “are distinct from the National organization.” But Saroya already produced a sampling of internal communications which challenged CAIR’s assertion. In her initial response to CAIR’s lawsuit, Saroya claimed that Executive Director Nihad Awad nixed the Dallas chapter’s decision to hire a non-Muslim to run the chapter. Awad “found her to be not pro-Palestine enough and [indicated] that her writing on domestic violence was ‘vulgar and disgusting.'” Awad “threatened to dis-affiliate” the Dallas chapter if the job offer was not rescinded­­.

    To keep the incident from becoming public, a CAIR staff attorney suggested paying the applicant $10,000 in two payments spaced five months apart, “with a non-disclosure agreement.”

    “The most serious risk she presents right now is in the form of public pressure and defamatory speech against” the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter, Danette Zaghari-Mask wrote. CAIR, Saroya’s response claimed, “spends substantial amounts of donors’ money in order to threaten, intimidate and sue those who have the courage to speak about CAIR’s culture of discrimination and misogyny,” and pay settlements in exchange for their silence.

    While CAIR denies this claim, National Public Radio reported last spring that it spoke with “18 former employees at the national office and several prominent chapters who said there was a general lack of accountability when it came to perceived gender bias, religious bias or mismanagement. Many of those interviewed, both men and women, asked NPR not to use their names for fear of legal or professional retaliation.”

    Saroya ran CAIR’s Minnesota chapter before moving to Washington to work as its chapter development director. In a Facebook post Sunday, Saroya said it was clear that CAIR “dropped its lawsuit before it was forced to produce the documents that demonstrated the truth of what many of us have been saying about the organization, and before its officers and board members had to answer questions, under oath, from my attorneys.”

    “There should be no mistake about what happened here,” she added. “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) tried to silence those of us who have spoken out, and to frighten others into silence.

    “But CAIR failed. It lost. We won.”…
  74. Lawfare Project Concerned That Former Leading National Council of Canadian Muslims Operative Amira Elghawaby Participated in Canadian International Council Event in Canada’s Capital, Lawfare Project, Oct 26, 2017.
    Amira Elghawaby, longtime “human rights coordinator” and “communications director” of the National Council of American Muslims (NCCM), formerly the Canadian Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), in an event organized by the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian International Council.
  75. The NCCM - an offshoot of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has established links to Hamas.
  77. Pierre Poilievre @PierrePoilievre: (Jan 27, 2023):
    Trudeau again chooses to divide Canadians by appointing someone who has made anti-Quebec, anti-Jewish, and anti-police remarks. He must appoint someone who can unite all of us in the fight against racism and Islamophobia.
  78. Amira Elghawaby on panel with imam who is anti-LGBTQ-Jewish, 17 December 2019, Eric Brazau.

    Amira Elghawaby will be alongside an American imam known of his anti-LGBTQ -Jewish-Christian statements. As of December 17, 2019 the Canadian Anti-Hate Network declined to respond to the media inquiry...

    Amira Elghawaby, a Board Member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, is about to participate in a panel with an American Imam and scholar, Ysair Qadhi, who appears to hold anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-LGBTQ views. Imam Qadhi bases his views on authentic Islamic doctrine...

    Ysair Qadhi implied that the J.. are “evil people despised by the creation,” called Jews and Christians “filthy” and “impure”..

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