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Cover up

The term cover up usually denotes a deliberate effort by one or more persons to hide a fact or truth from view or general public knowledge. It includes generally any concerted attempt to prevent people's discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime, and it involves any action, strategy or other preventive means of concealing something scandalous from becoming public, to avoid investigation and exposure. Compare Hypocrites.

A cover up is also a physical covering. Sometimes in the case of a crime investigation the physical evidence is literally covered up with a cloth or other physical means of concealment. Professionals who normally deal with dangerous conditions put on protective gear to "cover up" for safety. Persons who are exposed naked by accident or misfortune are quickly covered up as soon as possible. Bodies of persons killed are covered up on site, until they can be transported to an appropriate medical facility for an autopsy.

The following is a partial list of known kinds of secretive cover ups.

  • Government cover up
  • Presidential cover up
  • Congressional cover up
  • Political cover up
  • Business cover up
  • Military cover up
  • Security breach cover up
  • Espionage cover up
  • Agency cover up
  • Fiscal/financial cover up
  • Banking cover up
  • Trade agreement cover up
  • Stock market/inside trading cover up
  • Educational cover up
  • Research finding cover up
  • Scientific cover up
  • Hospital cover up
  • Medical cover up
  • Abuse cover up
  • Conspiracy cover up
  • Investigative cover up
  • Journalistic cover up
  • Media cover up
  • Trial cover up
  • Prison cover up
  • Background cover up
  • Sports cover up
  • Industrial cover up
  • Religious/Church cover up
  • Pseudoscientific cover up
  • Liberal cover up
  • Atheist cover up
  • Conservative cover up
  • Personal scandal cover up

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