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* [[Tails (operating system)|Tails Anonymous Secure Operating System]] for [[Anonymity]] and [[unalienable right | unalienable]] to [[Right to Privacy]] ([[Fourth Amendment]] and [[Fifth Amendment]])
* '''[[Censorship]]:'''  [[Tools of censorship]], [[Censorability]], [[Fairness Doctrine]], [[Liberal censorship]], [[Media censorship]]
* '''[[Censorship]]:'''  [[Tools of censorship]], [[Censorability]], [[Fairness Doctrine]], [[Liberal censorship]], [[Media censorship]]
* '''[[Big government | Big Government]]''': [[Liberal values|Liberal]] [[ObamaCare]]-[[Common Core]]-[[Social Security]] [[Welfare state]] leads to [[Nanny state]], leads to [[Militarization of police]], [[Asset forfeiture]] and Domestic [[mass surveillance]] of law-abiding [[citizen]]s via the '''[[Police state]]''': [[Globalist]]-[[United Nations]]-[[Statist]]-[[Socialist]]-[[National Socialist]]-[[Communist]]
* '''[[Liberal totalitarianism|Liberal Totalitarianism]]'''
'''Contrast with:'''
* '''[[Security]] [[Software]] and [[Security-focused operating systems | Security-Focused Operating Systems]]''' to protect [[unalienable rights | unalienable]] [[Right to Privacy]] ([[Internet privacy]], [[Information privacy]], [[Expectation of privacy]]) and [[Second Amendment]] - [[First Amendment]] ([[Freedom of information]] and [[Political freedom]]) rights against [[unconstitutional]] [[Gun control]] - [[Internet censorship]] [[Big government]] [[Police state]], [[hackers]], and "[[5 U.S.C. § 3331|all enemies, foreign and domestic]]" of [[American values | American]] [[liberty]].
**'''[[Tails (operating system)|Tails Anonymous Secure Operating System]]''': [[Linux]]-based with [[Tor (anonymity network)]],  [[Firefox]] [[browser]], [[HTTPS Everywhere]] [[encryption]]
* '''[[Privacy search engines | Privacy Search Engines]]: [[Duck Duck Go]]''' and [[Ixquick]]: [[Privacy]]-oriented [[Search engine]]s instead of tracking by [[Google]], [[Yahoo]] and [[Bing]]
* '''[[Internet anonymity | Internet Anonymity]] - [[Right to be forgotten]] [[Pseudonymity]]''' using [[Anonymous web browsing]] with [[Tails]] and [[VPN]] ([[Virtual Private Network]]), [[HMA]], [[OpenVPN]] and [[IPsec]]
* '''[[Privacy resources | Privacy Resources]]:'''
** '''[[Edward J. Snowden]] Revelations''' of [[unconstitutional]] domestic spying on law-abiding [[American]] [[citizen]]s
* '''[[Crypto-libertarianism]] [[Limited government]]''' implies: [[Conservative values]]/[[Traditional values]] - [[Modern conservatism]] - [[Preparedness | Modern preparedness]] are the original [[American]] [[Patriot]] [[Founding Fathers]]' values
** [[Capitalism]] and [[Free enterprise]]
** [[Family values]] and [[Parental rights]]: [[Sanctity of life]], [[Family]]-[[Marriage]], [[Homeschooling]] teaching [[Virtue]], [[Patriotism]], [[Duty]], and [[Self-reliance]]

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CreationWiki's Main page

CreationWiki is a free wiki-based Internet encyclopedia of creationism written from primarily a Young Earth Creationism perspective that was started during the summer of 2004 by the Northwest Creation Network, and is the work of an international team of creationists.[1] In addition to having articles regarding the creation/evolution issue CreationWiki has articles on the Bible and Christianity.[2] CreationWiki only allows edits from a creationary perspective and although it does permit Old Earth Creationist viewpoints, it favours Young Earth Creationism.

CreationWiki was started in part due to the evolutionary bias of Wikipedia.[3] CreationWiki reports on an article concerning creation that was deleted from Wikipedia, and links to the Wikipedia page with the vote for deletion of the article, with the comment that: "Despite Wikipedia's NPOV policy, many voters felt free to vote to delete the article on the grounds that they considered creationism as pseudoscience or worse, rather than on the merits of the article itself." and "no administrators felt the need to remind the voters that they should be voting on the merits of the article, not their personal opinion of creationism".[3]

As of 24th February 2014 there were 5,835 articles written in english from a creationist point of view. [2] Considering the other languages​​, there are a total of 8,302 articles.[2] One of the more interesting articles at CreationWiki is their article on Bible scientific foreknowledge.[4] Bible scientific foreknowledge is the concept that holds the Bible contains knowledge that shows an understanding of scientific knowledge beyond that believed to exist at the time the Bible was composed.[5][6]

EvoWiki attempts many refutations of CreationWiki's claims. However, CreationWiki monitors EvoWiki quite closely and has many answers to EvoWiki's claims--and also to those of Talk.Origins and various other pro-evolution organizations such as the National Center for Science Education.

CreationWiki is actively expanding into multiple languages. The core site is written in English, but translated versions of the site already exist in Spanish, German, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and French.

Contrasted with EvoWiki

In response to critics of CreationWiki who note its small size and editor base compared to the anti-creationist Wikipedia, proponents of CreationWiki claim that all comparisons should be made to another specialized wiki, EvoWiki. Unlike EvoWiki, which is a wiki that is archived and not actively being edited, CreationWiki has active editors. In recent years, interest in atheism websites and evolutionism has declined.[7][8] The website traffic tracking company Compete reported that as of August 20, 2012, EvoWiki had only 771 unique visitors a month.[9][10]

Also, global atheism and agnosticism is shrinking in adherents while global Christianity and creationism is seeing rapid growth.[11]

CreationWiki and creationist video evangelism resource

see also: Essay: Sharing your Christian/creationist videos on the internet

Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) is one of the world's largest evangelism organizations within Christendom and has over 25,000 full time missionaries. In 2006, Alan Beeber of CCCI predicted that internet evangelism will result in more conversion that all other forms of evangelism for CCCI combined.[12]

YouTube is a popular online video sharing site that provides a method distributing Christian/creationist videos across the world. The YouTube search engine is the second largest search engine in the world.[13] There is a widespread problem with atheist cyberbullying on YouTube toward Christian and creationist YouTube channels. CreationWiki has developed a web page entitled Creationist YouTube video designed to show creationists how to thwart atheist/evolutionist cyberbullies. Also, one popular Christian YouTube channel, shockofgod, was shut down several times by atheist cyberbullying through false reports, but creationists developed counter measures to overcome this problem. [14] These false reports are not isolated incidents, many atheists will try this deceitful tactic to block out creation science.

Prescient Quotes on Police State Wiki Surveillance

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