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CrowdStrike is an Irvine, California cyber security company founded in 2011. The company is focused on protecting some of the largest institutions from hacking, cyber infiltration and digital espionage. They gained national recognition in 2014 when the Justice Department used CrowdStrike to unmask five Chinese military people responsible for espionage on U.S. corporations. CrowdStrike also made news for their work exposing North Korea as being the nation-state responsible for the Sony breach. In 2016, they would provide cover for their paid client the Democrat Party and blame Russia for hacking the DNC servers. CrowdStrike received a Series D financial investment from Google of $100 million in 2015.

The CrowdStrike website touts their 'revolutionary' approach and next-generation protection with their CrowdStrike Falcon services, "We Stop Breaches". As for all three public incidents, it appears they were reactionary and did not prevent hacking. What they did provide was intelligence and discover digital signatures leading to claimed sources.

Documented Falsehoods

In December 2016, CrowdStrike claimed Russia's military had hacked the Ukrainian army with malware. The Washington Post would spread the story but in March 2017, CrowdStrike revised and retracted statements after coming under the scrutiny of experts.[1]


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