Czar Nicholas II of Russia

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Nicholas II

Nicholas II (1868 - 1918) was the last Czar of Russia. In March of 1917 he was forced to abdicate and was thereafter placed under house arrest with his family. The Bolsheviks came to power in Russia in October 1917 and the royal family was executed on 16 July 1918 along with their physician and three servants.

Czar Nicholas and his family were canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church in 1981. Also commemorated are those who faithfully served them: General Elias Tatishchev; Prince Basil Dolgorukov; the physician Eugene Dotkin; the lady-in-waiting Countess Anastasia Hendrikova; the serving-maid Anna Demidova; the cook John Kharitonov; and the sailors Clement Nagorny and John Sednev. Their Feast Day is July 4th.

During his reign Nicholas continued the attempt to industrialize Russia. His regime built the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

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