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A DIAN, short for Democrat in All but Name, is a politician who has a voting record like that of a Democrat despite not being registered into the Democrat Party. Often referring to the least conservative of RINOs, the term also applies to Independents like Angus King.


Susan Collins

Susan Collins, the RINO senior senator from Maine, although a registered Republican, has a voting record the most liberal out of all the Republicans in the current U.S. Senate.[1] Having voted in favor of the largely inefficient Obama stimulus package,[2] against repealing ObamaCare,[3] to block Donald Trump's shutdown over the border wall,[4] in favor of "witnesses" during the Trump impeachment,[5] and against prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy[6] in addition to having the moral relativism to assert Trump's words as being worse than Hillary Clinton's actions,[7] Collins has a tenure largely as a liberal. Despite having certain key votes in favor of the Trump agenda such as voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh[8] and against the impeachment coup,[9] this is likely due to the conservative pressure during the Trump era against long-time RINOs.

Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk, the pro-abortion[10] former senator from Illinois, is a RINO who is somewhat fiscally conservative though strongly liberal on social issues. While running for re-election to a second term in office in the 2016 U.S. Senate election in Illinois concurrent with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Kirk strongly opposed Donald Trump over being ‘too bigoted and racist’ and for making supposedly outrageous statements.[11] Four months later, Kirk himself made a controversial joke against left-wing Democrat challenger Tammy Duckworth, something deemed to be a mockery of Duckworth's heritage according to mainstream political correctness.[12]

Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski, the RINO senior senator from Alaska, "earned" her Senate seat via appointment by her nepotist father who chose her to inherit the seat after retiring from the Senate to run for governor.[13] Second only to Susan Collins in having the highest frequency in confirming Barack Hussein Obama's nominees,[14] Murkowski's liberal tenure includes voting against ObamaCare repeals in 2017[3] despite supporting the effort in 2015[15] only to anger Alaskan conservatives,[16] opposing Donald Trump's presidential run in 2016 over the Access Hollywood tape,[17] and voting against banning late-term abortions.[18]

Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney, the 2012 presidential election loser to Barack Obama, has voted in favor of witness during the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump[19] and was the only Republican to vote in favor of removing President Trump.[20]

Olympia Snowe

Olympia J. Snowe, the former liberal Republican senator from Maine, is known as a RINO who held a voting record even more left-wing than her colleague Susan Collins between 2007 and 2013,[21] who voted for the 2009 stimulus bill,[22] and who maintained strongly pro-abortion votes throughout her Senate tenure.[23]

Bill Weld

William Weld, the liberal pro-abortion[24] former governor of Massachusetts, is a hard-core RINO who favors illegal immigration and ObamaCare. Extremely anti-Trump, Weld has encouraged voters to pick the corrupt Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 race,[25] supported the impeachment coup against Trump,[26] and ridiculously compared his immigration policies to Kristallnacht.[27]

Bernie Sanders

To be clear, Bernie Sanders is not a RINO as he is not even a Republican. It is worth noting that as a senator he is not formally a Democrat. He is registered as an independent. He still caucuses with the Democrats and is further to the left of the Democrat senators, but he is not officially one. He reliably votes with the Democrats and on policy is practically one which is why he would qualify as a DIAN. By remaining Independent, Sanders forfeits any Seniority in the Senate Democrat Caucus and negotiates for a committee assignment with his vote for Senate Leader.


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