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Danilo Türk (born 1952) is a Slovenian diplomat and the current president of Slovenia.

He was born and raised in Maribor in northeastern Slovenia. He earned a Ph.D. at Ljubljana University in 1982, and in 1983 became head of the International Law Department at the university. He became a member of the Socialist union of the working people and was active in its committee for minority issues.

United Nations career

In 1984, he started work in the UN as a member of the committee for stopping discrimination and the protection of minorities. In 1992, he became the Permanent representative of Slovenia to the UN, which he was until 1999. From 2000 to 2005, he was Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs and after that became a professor at Ljubljana University.

2007 presidential election

In June 2007 he filed as a candidate in the 2007 Slovenian presidential election. He was backed by the left wing parties SD, Zares and DeSUS. In the first round of the elections on October 21, he got 24.54 percent of the vote (the opposite candidate got 28 percent) which placed him into the run-off election.

The campaign became dirty as the right-wing candidate Lojze Peterle and the prime minister Janez Janša accused him of acting against the Slovenian independence in 1991 and of getting a subvention for one of his books twice.

In the second round of the elections, he got 68.2 percent of the votes, defeating the opposite candidate and becoming the new President of Slovenia. His solemn oath as president was on December 22, 2007.

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