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David Dellinger

David T. Dellinger was born in Wakefield, Massachusetts. He graduated magna cum laude in 1936.

Dellinger was an ambulance driver during the Spanish Civil War.

During World War II Dellinger refused to register for the draft in the United States and served two prison terms. During the Vietnam War Dellinger worked as a community organizer for the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (NMC).[1]

David Dellinger traveled to Cuba in January 1968 with Tom Hayden, Carl Davidson, Todd Gitlin, and Weather Underground operatives Gerry Long, and Susan Sutheim, where planning for disruption of the 1968 Democratic National Convention occurred. At this conference the activists condemned the U.S. for what the communists alleged was U.S. aggression, and support was pledged to North Vietnam. The delegates also pledged to promote violence against the United States whenever it was deemed necessary. The attendees also met with representatives of Maoist China, North Korea and North Vietnam and visited the National Liberation Front (NLF) Mission in Havana.[2]


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