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David H Petraeus

General David Petraeus is head of the US-led multinational force in Iraq which is fighting against the terrorist insurgents in the civil war there. He was unanimously confirmed by the US Senate, particularly because of his long-established reputation for honesty.

Senator Hillary Clinton, who helped appoint him, called him a liar when he gave his September 2007 report on President Bush's "troop surge". [1] In response to this report, Petraeus was the victim of liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org's "vicious"[2] attack campaign subsidized by the New York Times[3] which contributed a monetary discount for an advertisement, without foundation, entitled "General Petraeus or General Betray Us"? The accusation of treason sparked so much controversy that even the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a resolution condemning the attack on General Petraeus.[4]

General Petraeus has also been noticed to use the Islamic pronunciation of the country "Pakistan" in his testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee in March 2008, though there is no indication whether this is in response to political trends.


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