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David Thorstad

David Thorstad (born 1941), is a United States communist, atheist, homosexual "rights" activist, pederast and historian of the gay rights movement.[1] In the early 1970s, Thorstad was president of the Gay Activists Alliance in New York. He was also a member of the Socialist Workers' Party, a Trotskyist group, for more than six years, and a staff writer for its newspaper, The Militant. He left the SWP in December 1973, citing the organization's lack of enthusiasm for the “gay” liberation movement and failure to develop a “Marxist materialist analysis” of it. In 1976 he self-published a collection of internal party documents relating to its discussion of the “gay” liberation movement, under the title Gay Liberation and Socialism: Documents from the Discussions on Gay Liberation Inside the Socialist Workers Party (1970-1973).

In June 1973 Thorstad and John Lauritsen published "The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935)," a historical survey in the SWP internal Discussion Bulletin which showed that the "gay" liberation movement had a long history, particularly in Germany. This was expanded the next year into a book published by Times Change Press, New York.

Connections with Pedophilia

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In 1978 Thorstad was a founding member of North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). He served as a member of the Steering Committee until September 1996 and was one of a group of NAMBLA members who were sued in 2000 for the wrongful death of a ten-year-old boy in a long-running court case Curley v. NAMBLA in Boston.

Attitude to present-day LGBT Movement

Thorstad describes the modern gay rights activists as "politically correct zombies," and the "radicalism of such groups as Queer Nation" as "bizarre and offensive," indicating that he has more intelligence than morals.[2]


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