Debate:Restoring the USA image in the world, just a fancy phrase that means zilch?

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Restoring USA image in the world, a common liberal talking point. They have determined that America, with it unilateral approach on Iraq has damaged our image. False. The image has been damaged for some time now. First, is was a coalition of the willing, not the USA alone. Second, now that the Europeans have chimed into the Iraq debate as America wrong, liberals see it as the whole world hates America now. Before 9/11, extremists plotted to kill Americans. Why? We are the richest nation on Earth, do you think others hate us for that? Many nations are appalled at our pornagraphic industry that we export to them, can that be a part of it? Our support of Israel? We give women equal rights and a voice, many women in the world can't even leave their house alone or without a veil or go to school. My belief, and I am always correct, that liberals have found a hammer to hit conservatives with because the Europeans dislike our capitalism, and we are against socialism.--jp 18:20, 6 May 2007 (EDT)

Update, Europe heading toward pro-American leaders. Victory in Germany by Merkel replacing anti-American Schroeder. Now victory in France replacing Chirac. Coupled with victory by Harper in Canada, it now seems we have support of major nations that took a direct stand against the USA foreign policy. Restoring the USA image in the world has worked itself out without the Democrats help.--jp 10:16, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

You criticize liberals' use of the phrase "USA image" (I believe they actually say "America's image") but then use the incredibly jingoistic phrase "Coalition of the Willing:" are the White House's 'talking points' less meaningless than other 'talking points'? 84% of the invasion force was American; 15% was British. That leaves the remaining 1% of ground forces to be composed of Australian, Polish, and Danish forces - wow, some coalition. It pales in comparison to the original Coalition in 1991. But wait, more nations have joined the coalition of the willing! South Korea, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Mongolia, the glorious state of Kazakhstan... I could go on. I mean, what would we do without Moldova's twelve soldiers?
Also, I seriously doubt the world hates us for our porno. And what's this about Europeans hating us for our capitalism? Sure, they may be more socialist than we are, but they're hardly communists. Most of Europe is in the EU Free Trade bloc. You know, free trade? Capitalism? Economists love that stuff. The reason people hate us is more complex than "they hate our freedom" - although that is a nifty, jingoistic argument. I believe it has more to do with those in power (Hamas, Syria, and the like) being smart and seeing that they can hold onto their power by unifying those under them against the 'evil West', so that those people don't realize that the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah are crooks who couldn't care less about them. -Fuzzy901 16:14, 12 May 2007 (EDT)