Debate:Should Creationism/Intelligent design be taught as a scientific alternative to evolution in public schools

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who left this stub here like this?


I believe science is objective, and therefore we should have as many different view points in the scientific community as there are scientists. Obviously not every view point can be taught in schools but they ought to be theaching the main ones. So I think the main point of this question is: Is creationism a main point of view? I'll get to that, but first as to Intelligent design. ID, as its called, is just creationisim in disguise. The liberals say ID is being used as a way to sneak God into the schools. I think that, for once, they're right. Intelligent design is not explicitly religious and it has all the proof creationisim has, except for the Bible. But its not really any different scientifically and a science class should display a variety of scientist's views.

Creationisim says there is indirect scientific proof for a Biblical begining to the universe. I think it is a main point of view because there are scientists who believe it and they observe, experiment; they have even better evidence than the evolutionists. Of course, no science: Creation, Evolution, or otherwise, can prove %100, anything about the origin of the universe. Scientific infallability only comes with direct observation. -User:StevenM

No, not in public schools

  • I think it's fine to teach that C/ID are views some people hold. However, they should not be taught as a scientific alternative to evolution because they are not science. Science is falsifiable. Evolution would be thrown out the window if a dog gave birth to a cat, or if a dog turned into a cat. As far as I know (and, I admit, I'm not an expert) C/ID aren't falsifiable. I would gladly accept that they are scientific if some hypothetical result or occurrence that would prove them wrong were suggested and agreed upon by most of the major people in the fields of ID and evolution (Proving the nonexistence of God doesn't count). Masterbratac 18:57, 4 October 2007 (EDT)

No, a thousand times no. Science has a place in school, religion has a place in church/the home. This is not science. Chris

No, but it should be taught as a religious alternative to evolution

ID is not Creation , and Science related to Creation is called Creation Science,All subjects taught in school are not falsifiable. In my opinion Creation should be taught as a fact. In fact I believe the whole Bible should be taught as God's True inspired Word. However I do not foresee this happening, alas. Baronvonbob