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Debate:What will Conservapedia be like if Barack Obama wins the election?

National polls typically show Barack Obama in the lead, and so I pose the question: If Conservapedia is meant to represent a more accurate depiction of the political leanings of the American population, what will this mean if Barack Obama wins the election and the Democrats have over 50 seats in the Senate? Another way of asking this is to ask whether or not Conservapedia can accurately reflect a change (either current or a future change) in the ideals of the American population.


Regardless of the election, Conservapedia will still reflect the ideals of the majority of the American population. Just because the electors may chose Barack Obama does not mean that the majority of Americans (including non-voters and those who are ineligible to vote) are not in line with Conservapedia. --Limbo 07:39, 22 October 2008 (EDT)

It is unfortunate that a majority of Americans do not vote in elections. In fact, a large portion of Americans do not even register to vote. Similiarly, the vast majority of Americans have not registered for CP accounts. Of the small number of Americans holding CP editing rights, many of those accounts do not edit articles about politics. So, there is no statistical reason to believe that the political views of the voters and the people covering politics on CP will be aligned. The best of the public is not picking our elected leaders. Wschact 08:29, 28 July 2014 (EDT)


Times change, and so do people. Regardless of whether or not this occurs (or is occuring) now or later, Conservapedia cannot continue to be representative of a majority of Americans. If Conservapedia were founded at any time before it would somehow be fundamentally outdated. It still has the right to represent the viewpoint it does, but that does not imply that a majority of Americans continue to feel the same way. This election may be indicative of that, and even if it's not, the issue still remains that both major viewpoints (politically Democrat and Republican) will change in the future, and the site will either change with them or be obsolete. --Limbo 07:39, 22 October 2008 (EDT)

Political pendulums and truth enduring

Vox Day wrote: "...everyone feeling their political oats always seems to forget that social mood is a pendulum. But one of the best ways one can predict what is likely to happen in the future is to observe whose pendulum appears to be closest to peaking." Looking at Obama's approval numbers and his many scandals, I would say Obama/Obamunism has already peaked. He may have damaged the "Democrat for president" brand for awhile. On the other hand, Republicans could shoot themselves in the foot and pick someone like Romney again in the next presidential election.

Second, to the best of their ability, all encyclopedia's should reflect what is true and not merely what is fashionable. And truth does not become obsolete. Conservative 09:38, 28 July 2014 (EDT)