Debate: Which version of the Bible should be used as the authoritative reference on Conservapedia?

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This is not a "Yes/No" type of debate, but more of a forum for gathering views from across the base of CP contributors. There have been several discussions on this site in one place or another that revolve around the specific text used in one version of the Bible or another. Two examples would be:

  • Some feel that the Adulteress Story is the opinionated insertion of editors as opposed to part of the "authentic" gospel
  • Some feel that the number of times the word "Hell" is capitalized or non-capitalized indicates a bias in a particular version of the Bible

So the question is, since there are variations in the different versions and translations of the Bible that may be disapproved of on CP, but the Bible itself is a critical reference source for this site, which specific version of the Bible should be promoted as the authoritative reference source for citing in articles here?

This is a serious question, and people take this subject very seriously and personally, so I will emphasize that while this is a debate page that encourages frank expression, comments here need to be respectful.

Please Add Your Suggestions Below

I would say, looking at the trajectory of much of the content here, that something like Pentacostal if we are being specific. If we are going to expand the tent a little bit I would say anything involving the various hodge-podge of evangical denominations with a heavy dose of Baptist leanings. That being simply an observation. -JBall