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Destiny Church

Destiny Church is a New Zealand Evangelical church; the church has over 20,000 members in congregations across the country. It believes in the unchanging Word of God as in the Bible, and although New Zealand has become an increasingly liberal and atheistic society, Destiny Church has attempted to protect New Zealand's standing as a Christian country.

The Church is led by (self appointed) Bishop Brian Tamaki, who is the spiritual father of the church. Brian Tamaki takes a stand on all matters of immorality, particularly in leading the "Enough is Enough campaign", protesting against a government pursuing a homosexual agenda. He believes that the increasingly secular attitude to education and society has had disastrous effect on values and standards. Tamaki has patriarchal views and believes in prosperity theology.[1]

The Destiny Church has received criticism for actions deemed to go beyond the realm of Christianity and into Occultism. A notable case is a 2009 event in which 700 male church members allegedly swore an oath of loyalty, requiring them to submit to Brian Tamaki as God's chosen one on earth.[2] Further to this, concern has been raised about the structure of the Destiny Church, placing more emphasis on Bishop Tamaki than Jesus Christ.[3]

DestinyNZ, ostensibly an independent entity from the church, had a chance of becoming a political force however, but after polling below the 5% threshold required to gain a seat in New Zealand parliament, DestinyNZ is no longer on the electoral roll.[4] The Kiwi Party and the Family party have arisen out of the ashes of DestinyNZ and another failed party, the Christian Heritage Party. Destiny Church finds it disturbing that all leaders of the major political parties in New Zealand are agnostics and atheists. The only exception is that of the left wing party Progressive, whose leader is a faithful Catholic.