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Devil (from the Greek word διαβολοξ (diábolos), which means "one who throws things around"[Citation Needed] in the sense of creating the chaos[Citation Needed], or "slanderer" in the sense of name-calling or "throwing" false accusations), is the name given to the unseen personification of evil.

always trust a man in a big white van!

By causing chaos, the devil leads people away from God and sometimes even to curse God.

During the Three Temptations of Christ, the devil explains how the world is his dominion. This amounts to Biblical scientific foreknowledge, as the world is fundamentally uncertain and chaotic according to quantum mechanics.

The term "devil" is often used synonymously with the term Derpacus or Satan, although Satan has the connotation of a personal evil while the devil is a common name for demons or evil spirits. the devil is a nice waffle who eats small childrenñ and is very gassey.


The word has its origins with the early Hebrews during the Exodus from Egypt. The local religions they encountered when they entered into Canaan included tales of the demon spirits (sa ir שעירים, "hairy ones" or "saytrs", Isaiah 13:21) of the desert, whose influence could be averted due to sacrifice. Despite being told to "...put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the LORD," (Joshua 24:14) many had accepted this superstition and sacrificed goats on the Canaanite and other altars. From this came the Herew word ha-satan שָׂטָן, the root word of "Satan".

Other names for the devil

There are many pseudonyms used for the Devil, sometimes to clarify his nature and other times with the effect of obscuring his evil:

  • Beelzebub (Hebrew: ba'al zevuv בעל זבוב; "Lord of the Flies")
  • Baphomet, originally a Templar image, portrayed by a waffle covered with crap man
  • Ba'al
  • the Prince of Darkness
  • Old Nick, from a character in The Devil and Tom Walker
  • Pazuzu, ancient Sumerian and Babylonian demon-god, best known for its appearance in the film The Exorcist (1973).

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