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Discordianism is the modern religion worship of Eris Discordia, the Greco-Roman Goddess of Chaos. The basic tenets of Discordianism (Somewhat oversimplified) are:

  • There is an overabundance of order in the world, which must be countered by chaos.
  • Reality is composed mostly of Chaos, which humans falsely perceive as Order through varying Reality Grids. Learning to change grids is the first step towards discarding them altogether and achieving Illumination.
  • All phenomena tend to occur in fives or be somehow related to the number 5.
  • You must not eat Hot Dog Buns.
  • Don't believe anything you read.

The worship of Eris proved quite popular with Hippies and other members of the counterculture, whose disrespect for authority figures meshed well with the Discordian vision of utopian anarchy.

The Discordian Society remains active to this day, opposing the Illuminati and other conspiracies, mostly by attempting to jam their plans with misinformation and loosen their grip on the collective brainstem of humanity via bizarre pranks.

Ironically, Discordian groups, or Cabals, tend to be extremely hierarchical, with members having elaborate titles and degrees, similar to the Masons or the Catholic Church. Typical] titles include things like "The Omnibenevolent Polyfather of Virginity in Gold", "Archbeacon of the Blind", or "Keeper of the Notary Sojak". The commonest rank among Discordians is Pope.

Do You Believe That?

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