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Discovery Institute

Phillip E. Johnson, Professor of Law, cofounder of the Center for Science and Culture

The Discovery Institute is a Seattle-based science research institution as well as conservative think tank. While the institute has multiple areas of focus, including economics, bioethics, and foreign policy, it is most well known for its role as one of the major proponents of intelligent design.

Since its founding in 1994, the Discovery Institute has been at the head of scientific research into anti-Darwinian science through the development of Intelligent Design, which encompasses biology, information theory, statistics, and geology.

Center for Science and Culture

Dr. Stephen Meyer Director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute

Key to the Discovery Institute's mission is its Center for Science and Culture (CSC),[1] founded by philosopher of science Stephen Meyer.

The Center for Science and Culture is a program that encourages schools to improve science education by teaching students more fully about the theory of evolution, as well as supporting the work of scholars who challenge various aspects of neo-Darwinian theory and scholars who are working on the scientific theory known as intelligent design.

In addition to scientific research and scholarship, the Center's Evolution News and Views blog[2] presents analysis of that relevant news coverage, as well as original reporting that accurately delivers information about the current state of the debate over Darwinian evolution.

A related website,[3] provides up-to-date information and learning resources.

The CSC lays claim to the theorists William Dembski, originator of the "specified complexity" theory, and Michael Behe founder of the theory of "irreducible complexity."

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