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The title Doctor of the Church is reserved for a Catholic Saint who has very inspiring writings that have benefited the entire Church. There are only 33 doctors of the Church. Below is a list including the name of the Pope who included them and when it occurred.

Doctor of the Church by Pope Date of Declaration
Saint Ambrose Pope Boniface VIII September 20, 1295
Saint Jerome Pope Boniface VIII September 20, 1295
Saint Augustine Pope Boniface VIII September 20, 1295
Pope Gregory the Great Pope Boniface VIII September 20, 1295
Thomas Aquinas Pope Pius V April 11, 1567
Saint Athanasius Pope Pius V 1568
Saint Basil Pope Pius V 1568
Gregory of Nazianzus Pope Pius V 1568
John Chrysostom Pope Pius V 1568
Saint Bonaventure Pope Sextus V March 14, 1588
Saint Anselm Pope Clement XI February 3, 1720
Isidore of Seville Pope Innocent XIII April 25, 1722
Peter Chrysologus Pope Benedict XIII February 10, 1729
Saint Leo the Great Pope Benedict XIV October 15, 1754
Peter Damian Pope Leo XII September 27, 1828
Bernard of Clairvaux Pope Pius VIII August 20, 1830
Hilary of Poitiers Pope Pius IX July 7, 1871
Alphonsus Liguori Pope Pius IX November 16, 1871
Saint Francis of Sales Pope Pius IX November 16, 1871
Cyril of Alexandria Pope Leo XIII July 28, 1882
Cyril of Jerusalem Pope Leo XIII July 28, 1882
John Damascene Pope Leo XIII August 19, 1890
Bede the Venerable Pope Leo XIII November 13, 1899
Ephrem of Syria Pope Benedict XV October 5, 1920
Saint Peter Canisius Pope Pius XI May 21, 1925
John of the Cross Pope Pius XI August 24, 1926
Robert Bellarmine Pope Pius XI September 17, 1931
Albert the Great Pope Pius XI December 16, 1931
Anthony of Padua Pope Pius XII January 16, 1946
Laurence of Brindisi Pope John XXIII March 19, 1959
Teresa of Avila Pope Paul VI September 27, 1970
Catherine of Siena Pope Paul VI October 4, 1970
Theresa of Lisieux Pope John Paul II October 19, 1997