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A toroidal donut, with delectable Chocolate frosting.

Donuts (or doughnuts) are pastries (usually fried), sometimes coated with sugar, glaze, or frosting. Their shape is either toroidal (doughnut-shaped), rounded (a 'filled doughnut') or elongated (a cruller). Originally, donuts did not have holes.[1]


Donuts are grouped into four different categories, depending on their composition and the manner in which they are cooked. These are a few examples of how donuts are properly categorized.[2] Tim-Bits, or donut holes, are categorized in much the same way as the standard donut. Donuts can be unadorned, or coated with unbelievably delicious and delectable chocolate frosting. Other frosting choices include maple, powdered sugar, and sprinkles.

Yeast Donuts
Apple Fritter (A Tim Horton's Original)
Chocolate Dip
Honey Dip
French Cruller- Or "Freedom cruller" as it ought to be known nowadays. Though the rising agent is egg.
Cake Donuts
Old Fashion
Sour Cream
Filled Donuts
Berliner Pfannkuchen
Boston Creme
Canadian Maple
Honey Cruller
Walnut Crunch

Donuts and Freedom

In 2006, Tim Horton's Donuts Limited opened up a store in Kandahar, Afghanistan, to provide quality coffee and donut products to NATO Forces stationed there. Since then, the double double may also be recognized as NATO Standard.

Dunkin' Donuts no longer carries the French cruller variety due to the donut's support of terrorist activities and Saddam Hussein's switching to the Euro. These Donuts can still be found at Honeydew Donuts however, a known Communist sympathizer.

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