Draft American Government Lecture Two

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polling, and the influence of polling

Republicans reportedly want to "nationalize" the midterm election; Democrats resisting that; explain what this means

other historic midterm elections: 1994, 1946

role of unions

the pro-life movement and its growing influence, particularly among young people

concept of "turnout", and how the turnout of homeschooling graduates is much higher than that of public school graduates

negative campaigns and smear campaigns; how intensity builds toward the last week in the campaign

concept of "get out the vote," and how people vote in different areas of the nation (e.g., vote-by-mail, as in Oregon)

concept of "lame duck" session

discuss sources of information (television, radio, newspapers, internet, conferences, schools, word-of-mouth), and media bias

Citizens United - which is the most important branch of government?

(add more)

Influence of media

Obama election

John McCain v. J.D. Hayworth example