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== See also ==
== See also ==
*One American News (and Jack Posobiec on Twitter)
*One America News (and Jack Posobiec on Twitter)
*One News Now (John Solomon)
*One News Now (John Solomon)
*Real America’s Voice
*Real America’s Voice

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The Drudge Report has become anti-Donald Trump and the backlash has caused alternatives to spring up. Matt Drudge's website is bleeding traffic (the conservative and right-wing alternatives to the Drudge Report are the Dan Bongino Report, NewsAmmo, Rantingly, Liberty Daily, Whatfinger News and Infogalactic News).

Drudge Report alternatives

See also

  • One America News (and Jack Posobiec on Twitter)
  • One News Now (John Solomon)
  • Real America’s Voice
  • Just The News