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Drusus II also called Drusus the Younger was born Nero Claudius Drusus and was the son of Tiberius the second Emperor of Rome by his first wife Vipsania Agrippina. He lived from 13 B.C. to 23 A.D. Although it went against custom, Drusus was named for Tiberius' younger brother Drusus. Tiberius' younger brother named his son Tiberius, showing the strong bond the two brothers had shared.

Drusus was married to his cousin Livilla, daughter of his uncle Drusus. Unfortunately, Livilla started having an affair with Sejanus, captain of the Praetorian guard and together they poisoned Drusus. He died in 23 A.D. The plot was not discovered until many years later when the ex-wife of Sejanus put word of what had happened in her will.