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Dubliners is a short story collection by James Joyce first published in 1914.[1]

Themes and Style

Most of the stories are written in limited third-person perspective, with a focus on a particular character. This character is developed, and then there is what Joyce called an "epiphany," a moment of clarity. This epiphany may be a moment of clarity for the character, or for the reader. The character continues, but now with a changed perspective on life.

The book is arranged so that the first stories feature younger characters, so that the collection as a whole discusses the various epiphanies that are involved in growing up and growing old.

The collection was written in the early 20th century, a time when Irish nationalist feelings were very strong. As a result, many of the stories deal heavily with the tensions between Ireland and England.[2]

The Dead

The Dead is the final story in Dubliners and by far the longest. It has been published on its own as a novella and is the capstone of Dubliners.


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