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James Robert Duggar (known as Jim Bob Duggar; b. July 18, 1965) is an American real estate agent and former state legislator in the Arkansas House of Representatives. He and his wife Michelle are well known for having 19 children. They have been featured in television shows on the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel, which have chronicled such things as family vacations or the construction of their home in Tonitown, Arkansas. They are conservative Christians who attend a Baptist church.


All of the Duggar children's names begin with the letter J. They also include two sets of twins (Jana and John-David; and Jedidiah and Jeremiah)

  1. Joshua James Duggar (b. 1988)
  2. Jana Marie Duggar (b. 1990)
  3. John-David Duggar (b. 1990)
  4. Jill Michelle Duggar (b. 1991)
  5. Jessa Lauren Duggar (b. 1992)
  6. Jinger Nicole Duggar (b. 1993)
  7. Joseph Garrett Duggar (b. 1995)
  8. Josiah Matthew Duggar (b. 1996)
  9. Joy-Anna Duggar (b. 1997)
  10. Jedidiah Robert Duggar (b. 1998)
  11. Jeremiah Robert Duggar (b. 1998)
  12. Jason Michael Duggar (b. 2000)
  13. James Andrew Duggar (b. 2001)
  14. Justin Samuel Duggar (b. 2002)
  15. Jackson Levi Duggar (b. 2004)
  16. Johannah Faith Duggar (b. 2005)
  17. Jennifer Danielle Duggar (b. 2007)[1]
  18. Jordyn-Grace Makiya (b. 2008)
  19. Josie Brooklyn Duggar (b. 2009)[2]

2015 Scandals

In May 2015, the family show, '19 kids and counting' was cancelled in 2015 due to revelations that Jim Bob's oldest son, Josh Duggar, had molested a number of young girls when he was in his teens. The victims included members of his own family.

In August 2015, after the hack of the Ashley Madison website, Josh admitted to being a member and that he had had a string of affairs.

Josh Duggar resigned as the executive director of the Family Research Council.



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