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EWTN News Nightly is a newscast which airs on the Eternal Word Television Network.

Produced from the network's Washington, D.C. bureau, EWTN News Nightly is broadcast Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM Eastern Time and rebroadcast again at 9:00 PM. Hosted by Tracy Sabol and featuring correspondents Owen Jensen (White House) and Erik Rosales (Capitol Hill) as well as interviews from repeat and original guests, the program covers daily news from a Catholic perspective typically addressing United States national and global politics as well as daily developments from the Vatican in Rome via EWTN's Rome bureau.

The show was among the first programs produced for EWTN from Washington, DC when the bureau opened in 2013. Filling a thirty minute evening time slot in EWTN's weekday lineup, it attempts to cover news relevant to Catholics across the United States and the world. Typical reporting often includes stories that reflect high priority issues among Christians including life-related topics like abortion legislation, as well as coverage of other national issues like immigration, economics, and diplomatic visits.

As an independent Catholic network, the coverage is inherently truthful and conservative due to its commitment to reflecting the values of the faith, though it is not bound by any oversight from the Church itself allowing it to report fairly on internal matters of the Church with the utmost objectivity. Since the network is not advertiser supported, this further liberates any news coverage in the network's programming to report truthfully and fairly on the subjects it covers as there are no advertisers to threaten withdrawal from the network over coverage or invited guests.

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