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1. Are monopolies bad? (Antitrust laws)
2. Should conspiring to harm a competitor be illegal? (Antitrust laws)
3. Does scarcity really exist?
4. What is money, really?
5. Should spending money be protected by the free speech clause?
6. Does a company’s high stock market value mean added value to economy?
8. H-1B visa and indentured servitude – allow it or not?
9. What caused the Great Depression?
10. Coase Theorem
11. Does free trade add value or simply redistribute wealth?
12. Is economics almost completely determinative of political issues?
13. Antitrust law – good or bad?
14. Insider trading laws – good or bad?
15. Jesus’ view of economics
16. Aquinas’ view of economics
17. How much regulation of business should there be?
18. Progressive Income tax – good or bad?
19. Hostile takeovers – good or bad?
20. U.S. Constitution – designed to protect private property?
21. Utilitarianism?
22. What are hurtful aspects of money?
23. Does being rich mean being important?
24. Is inflation morally wrong?
25. Does free trade add wealth to the economy?
26. Does an increase in stock value add wealth?
27. Takings and wage and price controls
28. Kentucky Perpetuities Law
29. Economic costs or benefits of immigration
30. Gresham’s Law
31. Lochner doctrine
32. Legal Tender Cases
33. Prohibiting hospitals from overcharging cash-paying patients
34. What creates wealth?
35. What is the economic incentive for excluding homeschooled athletes from school sports?
36. Does rational ignorance exist?
37. Should American hedge funds be allowed to influence and exploit small nations' stock markets, causing oscillations in price?
38. "Economic theory of law and the public domain - When is Piracy Economically Desirable?" See
39. Should government regulations require and monitor honest and full disclosure of information by sellers to buyers”
40. Should price discrimination be illegal?
41. Should there be a minimum wage law?