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1. Are monopolies bad?

2. Antitrust law – good or bad?

3. Insider trading laws – good or bad?

3. Does scarcity really exist? See .

4. What is money, really? What creates wealth?

5. Should spending money be protected by the free speech clause?

6. Does an increase in stock market value add value to economy?

8. H-1B visa and indentured servitude – allow it or not?

9. What caused the Great Depression?

10. Coase Theorem and all its implications.

11. Does free trade add value or simply redistribute wealth?

12. Is economics almost completely determinative of political issues?

13. How much regulation of business should there be?

14. Should the income tax be progressive?

15. U.S. Constitution – designed to protect private property?

16. Utilitarianism work?

17. Is inflation morally wrong?

18. Private property versus rules against perpetuities in property. Which side is right?

19. Wage and price controls.