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Ed Poor (1904-1967) [1], son of Charles Lane Poor, was the co-founder and first treasurer of Grumman Aircraft Company in Long Island.

Grumman Corporation first opened its doors for business in 1930 in a small unused garage in Baldwin, New York. Founded by Leroy R. Grumman, and his partners Leon "Jake" Swirbul, Bill Schwendler, Clint Towl and Ed Poor, this small enterprise began by making floats for Vought scout aircraft. [2]
Grumman and his partners (Edmund Ward Poor, William Schwendler, Jake Swirbul, and Clint Towl) started their own company in an old Cox-Klemin Aircraft Co. factory in Baldwin on Long Island, NY. [3]

His son, E. Ward Poor II, [4] maintained the Boston Computer Society's public domain software collection. His grandson, Ed Poor, has been influential in developing policies for Wikipedia® and Conservapedia.