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Country Germany
State Bavaria
Region Upper Bavaria
Population 13,155
Area (sq mi) 710 sq mi
Current mayor Andreas Steppberger

Eichstätt is a town in Bavaria, Germany and seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eichstätt. It is located to the Altmühl-river and known for its fossils.


In 740 Saint Boniface established a convent in Eichstätt and Willibald became the first bishop. In 1035 Bishop Heribert found a monastery at Saint Walburga's grave, that became an pilgrimage.[1] In the Thirty Years' War Eichstätt was occupied by Sweden and nearly completely destroyed. Until now Eichstätt is dominated by Catholics and owns the single Catholic university of Germany.

On the Willibalds´ Castle exists an Jura-Museum with Evolutionist exhibits.

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