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Elijah Sommerz

Elijah Sommerz

Born 22nd December, 1991
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Robert Troy Vernon (born December 22nd, 1991), also known as Elijah Sommerz, is a Canadian Rapper, Entrepreneur, Talent Manager, Angel investor, Talent Director, Canadian Afrocentric Human Rights Activists, multi-million dollar business owner, Canadian urban cannabis culture fashion designer and architecture real estate portfolio location, appropriator. He was one of many co-founders of J Stone Management Group & co.[1]

Early life

Robert Vernon was born on December 22nd, 1991 in Toronto, Ontario to a Canadian mongrel mother ms Deborah Vernon to whom had an incredibly abysmal drug addiction and had been incarcerated from his birth to throughout his early childhood/adolescent years she was imaginariness in Elijah Sommerz upbringing from birth and throughout his adolescent years and also teenage senility, he is the firstborn son of a Jamaican- father Mr. Lascelles ‘’Ozzie’’ love to whom had a career as a reggae musician.[2][3]

Professional Career

Elijah Sommerz is a Canadian Talent manager and Talent director at J Stone Management Group & co LLc since September of 2016, currently, he is one of three co-founder’s of an architecture development proposal emulsion firm based out of Toronto Canada, Currently to date the firm holds a title of a Toronto-Based Independent Real Estate Portfolio location Investors group that is predominant in providing Global Real Estate location’s for Investors in jurisdictions of the company with smart imminent of generational fixed-income solutions for a low or rising interest rates of environmental emulsion throughout North America for proposals and initiatives for fixed income development conceptualizations

Elijah sommerz is a Noted Public Figure for social unconstitutional Justice Advocacy, Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian Elected to independently conduct a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts.

Bibliography & Memoir

Titiles Details
Canada First Entrepreneur and Rapper | HIP-HOP- Toronto | 2020
  • Public Record /Released: 2020/02/13
  • Label’s: J Stone Management Group & co

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One of Elijah Sommerz business ventures Le Rues Chaitner & Co LLc is estimated to be worth $3.2 million- 4.8 million as per (2020).