United States Presidential Race - Endorsements for Republicans 2012

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Endorsements could decide the outcome of the Presidential Election 2012, especially in the Republican primary. Here are the likely big endorsements in December 2011 through March 2012:

Value (max. 10) Endorser Conservapedia Prediction Predicted Timing Actual Endorsement
10 John McCain Newt Gingrich Between Iowa and NH primaries
9 Sarah Palin Newt Gingrich Between NH and SC primaries
8 Mike Huckabee Newt Gingrich Before Iowa primary
7 Rick Perry Newt Gingrich After SC primary
6 Rick Santorum Mitt Romney Between Iowa and NH primaries
5 Chris Christie Mitt Romney prediction already made and confirmed Mitt Romney
4 National Right to Life Committee Newt Gingrich in December

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