Enver Hoxha

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Enver Hoxha

Enver Hoxha was the Stalinist dictator of Albania from 1944 to his death in 1985.

In 1967, he banned all religions from Albania.


Hoxha was born in to a Muslim family in 1908. He studied in France and joined the French Communist Party. 1936 he returned to Albania and worked as teacher. 1939 Benito Mussolini annexed Albania. Hoxha lost his job and founded the Albanian Communist Party in 1941. After the Second World War he was declared as president. In his tenure Christians, Muslims, landowners, recalcitrant peasants and political opponents were sent to prison or executed.[1] After Khruschev criticized Stalin, Hoxha started to improve the relations with China.[2]

Hoxha got support from the Chicago Area Friends of Albania.


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