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Eric Cantor (b. June 6, 1963) is a Representative (2000-) in the House of Representatives for Virginia's Seventh Congressional District which encompasses part of Richmond, Virginia. In the House, he is currently the Chief Deputy Minority Whip. A lifelong Virginian, Cantor has also served five terms in the Virginia House of Delegates.

He currently has a 100% pro-life voting record and a 92-96% conservative voting record according to the ACU.[1]

Early Life

Eric Cantor was born and raised in Henrico County, Virginia. In 1985, he received a B.A. from George Washington University. He then went to law school at the College of William and Mary, graduating with a J.D. in 1988. The following year, he received a M.S. in real estate from Columbia University. After receiving his Master's, he began to work as an attorney in his family's real estate firm, where he worked until being elected to the House of Representatives.

Political Career

In 1991, Cantor was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates and was reelected to another four terms easily. Due to his background, he is staunchly pro-business, sponsoring a bill to limit the liability of the cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris in a Florida court decree and opposing restrictions on telemarketers. When Tom Bliley decided to retire as Representative in 2000, he ran for the vacant seat. Despite narrowly winning the primary, he was able to defeat the Democratic challenger easily.