Errors of Sigmund Freud

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      The works of the founder of psycho-analysis Sigmund Freud have been found to contain errors, as has been pointed out by both supporters of psycho-analysis and critics of psycho-analysis. An important criticism of Freud's work has come from the Polish anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski, who has questioned whether the Oedipus complex is found in the Trobriand Islands. This has made people question whether Freud's theories are culturally biassed. Indeed, it has been pointed out that Freud made his observations of middle class Jewish women, and from such observations made sweeping generalisations. The psycho-analyst Karen Horney (1885 - 1952) has argued that Freud's theories contain a male chauvinistic bias, for he argued that women show penis envy, but Horney observed that men envy women, for example because they have breasts of because they can bear children. Towards the end of his life, Freud wrote a book "Moses and Monotheism" in which he argues that Moses was an Egyptian. This idea has not been widely accepted. 

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