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This essay is an original work by Charles2. Please comment only on the talk page.

Being unkind to animals is wrong. The Bible agrees with that. The Jews called sacrificing animals sacrifice. Jesus seems to have tried to stop the sacrifice of birds when he tipped over the tables and got in trouble for losing his temper.

When humans listen to animals they notice they can understand English and that they try to speak. While the bark of a dog is often a for making noice like someone at a football game, sometimes they are speaking. After a seven-month old dog was neutered he barked over and over again that he "wanted puppies."

Such unnecessary surgery is an example of what conservatives call "big government." In response to people who favor spaying and neutering their pets, the golden rule around since before Confucius would say: How would you like it?

The person who had that puppy neutered probably did so to intimidate his son. He also stamped on a mouse with his boot. People who have pet mice would probably have him arrested and committed. He also throws trash on the floor to get others to pick it up.

One college professor made us experiment on live white rats. At the end of the experiment, we had to kill the rats by cutting their diaphragms. Although sedated, our rat screamed.

The experiment proved that some grown-ups have bad morals and that therefore an essay opposing cruelty is needed on Conservapedia.