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Conservapedia has yielded the following insights about the Bible:

  1. The Bible is 100% logical, without a single logical flaw in it. No other book comes close.
  2. The Bible predicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics at Hebrews 1:10-11, and contains an immense amount of additional scientific foreknowledge.
  3. The "Son of Man" is a mistranslation: it should imply divinity. "The Son as man" is a better translation because Jesus artfully implied that he was the Son of God during the early part of his ministry without committing the capital offense of blasphemy until his ministry was complete.
  4. The water did not turn into wine at the wedding at Cana until it was tasted, consistent with quantum mechanics. Precise versions of the Bible translate this sequence correctly: "When the master of the feast tasted the water now become wine."[1]
  5. The perfectly written Epistle to the Hebrews is probably the "sermon" or monologue given by Jesus after the Resurrection when he met two travelers on the Road to Emmaus, as described in Luke 24:13-35.[2]
  6. Paul warned against being misled by liberal claptrap and the passage at 1 Corinthians 1:17 should be translated that way.
  7. Liberals are overly insistent on certain anti-Bible theories merely a way of pulling people, particularly students, away from the Bible.
  8. The adulteress story is a phony insertion by liberals who quote it more than any other passage -- virtually all scholars confirm its lack of authenticity.
  9. In the Calming of the Storm, a precise translation indicates that it was the observation or judging of the storm by Jesus, consistent with quantum mechanics, without any spoken words.
  10. The greatest distortion of the Bible by modern liberal translations is their denial of Hell, even though Jesus talked more about Hell than about Heaven.
  11. Genesis 1:2, properly translated, explains that God created order out of chaos, exactly as modern quantum mechanics describes with respect to an underlying uncertainty.
  12. The many insights into physics (especially quantum mechanics and the Second Law of Thermodynamics) and mathematics (especially set theory) of the Bible, often overlooked or even lost in translation due to the dominance of a literary focus of biblical scholars rather than a scientific or logical one.
  13. The immense value of utilizing, in translating the Bible, modern new conservative terms that have originated since the King James Version, since Strong's, and even since 1900 and 2000. Examples include "demonic", "gambling", and "liberal claptrap."

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  1. John 2:9 ESV (emphasis added).
  2. See also Mystery:Did Jesus Write the Epistle to the Hebrews?