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(|6 |Breitbart |breaks some big stories and exposes liberal deceit well)
(Breitbart moves up after breaking big story this week)
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|breaks some big stories and exposes [[liberal deceit]] well
|breaks some big stories and exposes [[liberal deceit]] well

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Conservapedia is in a unique position to rank other information sources of all types. Please see our nominations below the table, and fill in others as you like.

Rank Information Source Comments
2 WorldNet Daily has reporters at conservative events; not afraid to criticize or take on tough issues; gives writers good leeway
3 cnsnews uniquely informative news across all issues, including social ones
5 Breitbart breaks some big stories and exposes liberal deceit well
7 Hotair witty, insightful and timely; could move higher in ranking
8 RedState timely and good volume, with focus on economic, government and election issues
9 Newsbusters insightful, original, and good across all issues; exposes liberal deceit well
10 Fox News high volume of info, but censors many conservatives[1] and downplays the social issues


Tentative placement (high ranking, medium ranking, low ranking) in parentheses, suggestions welcome:

  • americanthinker.com (medium-to-low, not much on social issues)
  • breitbart.com (low, much of it repeating liberal news sources; political coverage dominated by foreign policy issues)
  • canadafreepress.com
  • catholicedition.com (has lots of quantity not allowed by lamestream media)
  • climateaudit.org (medium, but high quality on global warming issues)
  • cnsnews.com (high, especially for news censored by lamestream media, but it does not update news as frequently as other top sites)
  • examiner.com (high)
  • Fox News (low, but high volume)
  • hotair.com (medium)
  • humanevents.com
  • lifenews.com (high quality, high volume; reports on social issues better than anyone)
  • michellemalkin.com (high or medium)
  • NewsBusters (medium)
  • newsmax.com (medium)
  • pajamasmedia.com
  • politico.com (medium)
  • rasmussenreports.com (high or medium, but high quality poll statistics)
  • redstate.com (medium)
  • rightwingnews.com (low due to crass and vulgar style)
  • rushlimbaugh.com (medium or low, but high volume/quality conservative radio transcripts)
  • sepp.org (medium, but high quality on global warming issues)
  • spectator.com
  • thehill.com
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Weekly Standard
  • wnd.com (Worldnet Daily) (medium. good op-ed writers, but suffers from sales gimmicks interspersed in headlines)


  • substantive
  • educational
  • includes social issues
  • does not play favorites among individuals
  • does not waste time and energy on gossip
  • factual accuracy[2]
  • does not rely on offensive, non-family-friendly material to boost traffic
  • informs as well as attracting interest
  • original content

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  1. Conservatives censored (or disparaged) by Fox News include Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan, Tom Pauken, Rev. Tom Euteneuer, Michael Steele, J.D. Hayworth and Steve Lonegan.
  2. "Factual accuracy," per Conservapedia's Manual of Style: "The party affiliation of a news source should be irrelevant. All that matters is whether the source has a record of telling the truth."