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Template:Stub Constructed Languages (Conlangs or Constructed languages) are languages that are fake, artificial, or made with real intents to make a unified language for Earth or a specific country.

Notable Conlangs

Notable Conlangs include Pig-Latin, Quenya by Tolkien, Klingon by Marc Okrand, and Esperanto made by Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof in 1887. Some are very detailed and include such things as dictionaries, grammar usage and noegraphies while others have only a dozen or so words.


The reasons are many for creating such languages with a heavy leaning over the last few years towards fantasy type games and movies. Some Conlangs have many speakers such as Esperanto which is a real working language with upwards of a million speakers and Klingon which is a fantasy based language with a few thousand speakers.




Langmaker a notable source for all things about Constructed languages