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Conservapedia's Law is the observation that conservative insights increase over time at a geometric rate, as in 1-2-4-8-16-etc.

For example, there is an approximate doubling in effective new conservative terms per century.

Conservapedia's Law is analogous to Moore's Law, which holds that the rate of increase in the number of transistors per chip roughly doubles every two years.


The implications of Conservapedia's Law are striking. Over the long term, politics and culture cannot withstand the more powerful forces of logic and language. Conservapedia's Law ensures that a free society will, over time, inevitably become more conservative regardless of the best efforts of liberals. Of course liberal deceit can cause much suffering during that process.

Another implication is that Wikipedia, in order to survive, will inevitably feel compelled to adopt principles similar to Conservapedia's. The liberal practices and rules underlying Wikipedia will either be abandoned or lead it to inevitable ruin.

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