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We are accepting nominations for acknowledging the "2009 Conservapedian of the Year Award," for standing up the truth and against liberal deceit.

Nominations for 2009 Conservapedian of the Year Award[edit]

  • Conservapedians who filled a large bus for the March for Life on Jan. 22, 2009, joining 300,000 like-minded pro-lifers in D.C.
  • Tea Party Movement - For frightening their Representative's 2010 reelection. If it weren't for them health care and cap and trade would have been signed by now. They've had more influence on shaping public policy than any member of Congress or person in the media. -Chippeterson
  • Maryland state Senator Andrew P. Harris - For unflagging and uncompromising adherence to conservative principles. Harris refused to compromise his positions or soft-sell his viewpoints, and still came close to winning the 2008 Congressional election. In 2009, he has fought strongly to prevent pornography from being shown on college campuses at taxpayer expense as a "discussion activity."

Nominations for 2008 Conservapedia Awards for Recognition of Other Groups[edit]

  1. Center for Military Readiness, which took the lead in opposing the homosexual agenda for the military
  2. Students for Life of America, which has taken the lead in exposing Planned Parenthood and abortion
  3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which provided leadership and support for passing Proposition 8
  4. Christian Voice, for keeping the standard of Christian Conservatism flying proudly in the United Kingdom
  5. Media Research Center Its thorough, comprehensive, and ongoing analysis based on quantitative research allows conservatives, especially students, to document liberal bias in the media.
  6. Young America's Foundation - For preserving conservatism through youth activism.
  7. Sarah Palin - For demonstrating a positive conservative alternative to the liberal concept of feminism. For making a deeply flawed Republican candidate highly competitive and in fact nearly being responsible for a McCain win. For helping to prevent a Demoncratic supermajority by campaigning hard for Saxby Chambliss. And for not hesitating to speak the truth about Barack Hussein Obama and his dangerous ideas and associations.
  8. Texans for Better Science Education (TBSE) - For standing against censorship by the evolutionists who seek to suppress any criticism of the theory of evolution in Texas public schools

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  1. Unique contributions to the world which enable more people to become aware of conservative values.
  2. Insight in applying conservative values to help others individually.
  3. Effort in reaching teenagers who are troubled due to liberal indoctrination or lack of awareness of conservative values
  4. Someone who overcome personal challenges and spread conservative values for the benefit of others
  5. Use or development of innovation in connection with the contribution.
  6. Exemplification of conservative values in words and deeds
  7. No one associated with Conservapedia may be nominated for an initial award.

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Name for the Award[edit]

(suggestions welcome)

  • the Ronny
  • the Values Award
  • Conservapedia awards
  • the Phyllis Schlafly Award
  • the Conservative of the Year Award

Prior Individual Nominations (unrelated to year)[edit]

  1. Howard G. "Ward" Cunningham, who created wiki software for its value in bringing conservative values to millions of page views.
  2. Henry Morris II (posthumous), founder of the Institute for Creation Research.
  3. Chris Ashcraft, founder of the Northwest Creation Network and of CreationWiki.
  4. Phyllis Schlafly, for a lifetime of contributions to the Conservative movement, founder of the Eagle Forum.
  5. Reverend Donald E. Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association and American Family Radio.
  6. Vice-President Cheney, a true patriot against terrorism.
  7. John Yoo, legal advisor to the White House. Contributed to the USA PATRIOT Act and provided a concrete justification for enhanced interrogation of enemy combatants. Contributed immensely to the national security of the United States.
  8. Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the U.K. for combating Communism.
  9. Julianne Hough, a conservative television star.
  10. Marcus Borden, for defending prayer as a public high school football coach; atheists eventually succeeded in prohibiting him from even bowing his head.[1]
  11. Randy Harris, a county commissioner in Florida, who created the concept of Choose Life License Plates.
  12. Stephen Green, Director of Christian Voice, for his promotion of Christian conservative values and his courageous fight against blasphemy and the forces of institutional atheism in the United Kingdom.
  13. Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council

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