Essay:Conservapedia at four

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Essay:Conservapedia at four

November 21st, 2010 is the Feast of Christ the King and fittingly it is also Conservapedia Day. The premier wiki for all things American, Christian and Conservative. There is no other source quite like Conservapedia and in four short years the site ranks high in web traffic ratings.

The internet is a powerful source of information and thanks to Andy Schlafly it has become an educational tool. We all need to give thanks for the opportunity to express conservative ideals which are always under a microscope and censored by academia. The truth has been under attack since the beginning but today it maybe more so. More knowledge has been created in the electronic age than all of history combined. Disseminating what is right and wrong among the millions of exabytes available becomes a challenge that will only get worse. While we are all imperfect beings, only the truth will move mankind forward. If we are constantly fed a steady stream of propaganda, then right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. Just like mankind, Conservapedia is not perfect but its foundation is built upon the rock of truth. This ensures this wiki's survival even though outside forces seek its demise. Nobody would believe this wiki lasted as long as it has. The current crop of administrators believe and know that there is nothing that compares to Conservapedia.

Conservapedia has already secured its future. When talking autos, you can't discuss GM without talking Ford. When talking fast food, you can't discuss McDonald's without talking about Burger King. When discussing wikis, you can't talk Wikipedia without discussing Conservapedia. Even though Conservapedia is less than 1/10 the size of the biggest wiki of all, there is always the mention of Conservapedia by the media and that is good news for sure.

We owe a great deal to Conservapedia's founder whose hard earned money permits the righteous to contribute. I give thanks and so should you. So in four more years, we will once again have this same discussion but the difference will be great. We will have surpassed a half-a-billion page views by then.

Four strong years in the books, Happy Birthday Conservapedia!

Thanks so much, Jpatt. When we started, "conservative education" was considered to be an oxymoron. Now, four years later, even liberals are starting to recognize that conservative truths and conservative education are the way of the future!--Andy Schlafly 20:36, 21 November 2010 (EST)