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     December 21, 2012 The Real Meaning and What Needs to be done.

Most people, by now have heard of the date 21 December 2012. For on this date a number of events are to take place, such as, the alignment of the stars in such a way that this alignment only takes place every 26,000 years. The Mayan calendar goes no further than that date. And for some it is thought of as being the last day, or the beginning of the last days of life on this planet. I want to share with you, something I have been experiencing for the past several years. A great number of events have been taking place in my life, and have brought me to this place and time. In order for you to understand how I got to my belief of what is to take place on or near the date of 21 December, 2012, I want to take you back to the beginning where all this started taking place. I grew up as a, kind-of, Christian. I went to church on Sundays, not all Sundays, but some, listened to the sermon and got home wondering where the extra cash in my pocket went. The sermon was always taken from just a few verses of something that happened many years ago, OK I get it, it was to show us how GOD has come to help those who believe in Him and, or to show those who might not of believed in Him that He is really here and would help them if they bow down and ask the Lord for help. I served 32 years in the Army, as a Helicopter Pilot, Yes I served in war time, in Vietnam, and Yes my job required me to kill other people (The enemy), I too was called the enemy and many tried to kill me. I make no excuses, I had read the commandment “Thou shall not kill” but something just did not set right with that. In the military you don’t read manuals, you study them. It became time for me to study the Bible as a manual for life. Some of you may agree with me and many of you may not, that’s OK with me. What I found is that there seems to be a difference between killing and murder, case in point, if you are attacked by someone that you believe would kill you for what you have, then if in the confrontation you are able to fight for your life and your attacker dies of injuries sustained while committing this terrible act, then that’s just too bad for them. This would be called self-defense. If however you or I was to kill someone out of anger, hatred, jealousy, rage, or greed this would be called murder. Even the Bible tells us there is a time for killing. This is why our laws are for first degree murder and second degree murder, not first or second degree kill. I can live with this. These commandments sometimes come with an exception, like “Thou shall not steal” yes, there is an exception with this one also. Try studying the Bible like a manual for life and see what happens. This is very important, the Bible was written about a chosen group of people, and it gives us insight and history to their lives over a great deal of time. It is also important to keep in mind that during these times there were other peoples on this planet and they have a history too. In many cases you will find a common occurrence took place and was written at about the same time; i.e. the great flood in Noah’s world and the great flood in Greek history. It is interesting that nearly all history’s; start with “In the Beginning”. So, let’s also start there, because we need to learn about the players that are to take the stage on 21 December, 2012. In Genesis, in the “First story of Creation”, we are going to get to meet all but one group of characters that will be necessary for 21 Dec. 2012 to take place. Now is the time to allow your mind to expand beyond the earth’s boundaries. Do not try and take in all the Universe, your brain and mine are not capable to do so. Remember most of our great thinkers throughout history, may have been only able to use about 10% of the potential of their brain power, so don’t feel bad. This creation of the universe spans millions, and even more likely billions of earth years. This is important, all that we know about time is based on earth years, days, hours, minutes and seconds. For instance, we don’t gage the amount of time it takes Jupiter to circle the sun as one Jupiter year, instead we say one Jupiter year equals so many earth years. Only God knows which planet was first to be inhabited by life forms, and I am pretty sure it’s not the planet we call earth. I truly believe that there are planets that have been around for millions of years longer than earth. It starts “God created the Heavens and earth. What if we substitute the words “Universe and with Angles” in the place of Heavens, wouldn’t that mean about the same thing? Heaven is a Universe with angles. So whenever you look to the heavens, you are looking at a great number of Angels, it’s just that our eyes cannot see them. This is all we are going to get from the first people to write the Bible, about Heaven, let’s face it, this is all they knew at the time, however now is a good time to add all the information, that present scientist know or suspect, about how the Universe was created. You can watch the history channel for that, besides if all the information we have today, was added to the first chapter of Genesis, the first chapter would contain some 1487 or more pages. Give or take. So how do Angels come into all of this? When God created the Universe, God also created Angels. There are different levels, I believe 9 in all, and each level has a rank structure, kind of like the military. Some Angels are to guide life forms and experience what the life form experiences. These angels are what we call our Guardian Angels. Have you spent time or talked to your Guardian Angel lately? You should take time and get to know your Guardian Angel. This works best through meditation. When the life form’s physical body, is no longer able to support physical life, the person we know and can see dies, it’s the physical earth body that dies, and their spirit returns to heaven, or not. Their angel is graded and moved to a higher rank or new level or not. When an Angel reaches the highest rank in the highest level, they get assigned to be a God of a new planet. Yes, they become a sub-God with nearly all the powers of the one Universal God (YHWH). Now, I probably lost a great number of you with that, please stay with me, it gets better. This is where Lucifer comes in. It appears that Lucifer was next in line to become a sub-God for a new planet and the planet he would be put in charge of, is our planet earth. But Lucifer had a little problem, he believed that with all his experience, and his rank at his level, that he had become equal in power to that of the GOD of the Universe. Lucifer also had quite a following of other angels that he had convinced them that he had the power. Lucifer and his followers would no longer bow down to the God of the Universe, or show him reverence. Lucifer also had a dark side, he was not to be trusted, and He loved to deceive other Angels. Make no mistake, GOD of the Universe, would never allow any Angel to become a sub-God if they could not be trusted. Lucifer was furious, for he was about to lose his chance to be a sub-God, He was not about to let that happen, at least not without a fight. It is important to know that GOD cannot kill Angels and that Angels cannot kill GOD. This fight could go on for millions of earth years, so GOD put an end to it by casting Lucifer and his followers out of heaven and down to this planet we call earth. Even though they are on this planet, they do not have a physical body, we cannot see then, but we can feel their presents and be manipulated by them. The angels cannot stop them from using us to cause chaos or from us hurting each other, because the light angels are still in heaven, unless we pray, to God, for His help and guidance. Lucifer, once on earth, is no longer known as the “Light of the Morning Star” and now his name becomes Satan. The earth is not without a sub-God. The name of our planet’s God is ELIJAH. This Sub-God is still the real deal and is stronger than Satan. Here is one story that helped Lucifer lose his planet. On the fifth day, God created the great sea monsters. Lucifer wanted to see just what he could do with them and so he caused them to evolve into dinosaurs. Cool trick, but this planet was to become inhabited with mankind, and a planet of dinosaurs would never let this take place. Sometime after the dinosaurs died out, God created or brought mankind to this planet several million years ago. Many people believe that mankind evolved from a species of monkeys or a species of the monkey family. It is interesting to note that with the similarities to monkeys, mankind still has some things that are totally different than that of our animal cousins. One, that man doesn’t have a bone in his penis as do all the other male animals, and two, the female of mankind can have sex whenever she wants, whereas the other female animals only mate when in season. There are more differences than just these, but I think you see what I mean. In the First story of creation, it says that God created the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the cattle, the wild animals, and mankind. Now I am going to ask you to do something, that most if not all, people of the clergy will not ask of you. I would like you to explain to someone, who still thinks the planet is flat and that the sun and stars move around this planet, just how did God create the birds, cattle, wild animals, fish, and mankind. The bible doesn’t tell us they were made out of clay or dust or anything else and if I was one of the persons that was tasked to write the Bible, I believe I too would use the word create, and leave it at that. Remember these people did not know of or could not have known about the Universe at this time in history. So, I think we really need to give them a break. They did the best they could with what they had to work with. Other planets, is an excellent answer to give when asked where else could the animals and mankind have come from. And I will try and prove it. Like I said earlier, there are planets far more advanced than where we are ay now. But, first let’s talk about some of this planet’s goals might be, once we too are able to go to and return from another planet that will sustain our life forms. First, could mankind live or be able to adapt to live on this new planet. Second, what does the planet have that we can take back to earth, to use. Let’s say that this new planet will sustain life, however not as perfect as we would like, but it is flourishing with raw ore and precious metals and gems, just lying there for the taking. And now, because of the over-population on our own planet, instead of building more prisons on land that would better be suited for family housing, what if we take prisoners to the new planet and they can live out there sentence of life without parole. This does two very important things, first, when we take these people to the new planet, we can use them to load the craft for return with whatever it is that we want to bring back to earth. Second it would allow us to tear down all those costly prisons, and build what we need. Does this sound familure, it should. It’s been done before, here on earth, by the British when they used Australia for their prison over-population. Would this ever be something that the people of this planet would ever do? You can bet your life on it. But it still is a long way off, and not in our life time. So what’s the big deal if some other planets decided to dump there not so wanted people here on earth? Well nothing at all, except that, let’s not forget where Satan and his dark angels also ended up, Yes that is correct right here on go old planet Earth. And here we go, on the sixth day of creation, God lets other planets place their undesirables on this planet and tells them to be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. Again, that’s not a bad thing, other than Satan has plans for these people. It should be noted that the people that were brought here, were mostly third strikers and repeat offenders that were given the choice to come here. Not all of these people were let off in the same place; let’s say that sexual offenders would be sent to the area that would later become Sodom and Gomorrah. Little humor there, get it. I have also wondered if before they were brought to this planet, their vocal cords were removed or that some of these people were the result of an experiment that went wrong or did not turn out as expected. And on the Seventh day God rested. God didn’t leave these people all alone. He just allowed them time to get settled in. And again we are talking thousands and thousands of earth years. While God rested Satan went to work. So, how do you know if the little voices in your mind are from God or Satan? Well if you did not pray to God for answers, intelligence, knowledge, strength, wisdom, or whatever help you are going to need, then there is a good chance that either Satan or one of his demons are trying to get you to do something that you know would be wrong to do and then you do it anyway. Who do you blame? Something has to be done. We need a hero, someone with all the answers, someone to take on Satan and his band of dark angels. However, it cannot be someone that is already influenced by Satan, and since that includes everyone living on earth, then I guess it is time to make someone new. It says that God took some clay and formed it in to a man, not a baby boy, but a man, I would guess around the age of maybe 10 or 12 years of age. This man had to be old enough to take care of himself, to find food to eat and water to drink. The Bible does not say where this clay came from, only that after God formed the body, He breathed life into the nostrils of the one that God named Adam. God has this power. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am writing about, “The Second Story of Creation”. How many of you have been told that this is the same story, only put in more detail. Well if this is the same they should match up, right? Let’s see, in the First Story, God created both man and woman, in the Second, God only created Adam first then Eve came later. In the First, God did not name anyone, but in the Second we get a name for Adam and Eve and their children and so on. In the first God told mankind to be fruitful and multiply, in the Second, Adam and Eve did not have children until after they left the garden. In the First, it ended with God saying “this is good”, in the Second, I don’t believe it turned out so well, “and God said “get out and stay out”. There is another story about Adam and Eve that I would recommend for you to read. You will need to Google “books not allowed in the Bible”. It is the longer version of Adam and Eve. Why do they always blame Eve for all this? Adam spent some 40 years in the Garden with God teaching him, and Eve was only there a short time before she was caught off guard by the evil one. Why didn’t Adam say “where did you get this Eve?”, first before taking a bite? Remember, Adam was created outside of the garden and then placed in the garden. This garden was to be kept a secret from Satan, yet Satan who was not to be able to influence Adam, still found where God was hiding him. There goes our hero. Now these two (Adam and Eve) were not ready to go out into the world and take on Satan as yet, but if they were allowed to stay in the garden, there is a very good chance that they would eat of the fruit of “The Tree of Life”, and live forever with the influence of Satan. That just could not be allowed to happen. Sometime after Adam and Eve are thrown out of the garden, they have children. You know the story where Cain murders Abel; yes I said “murders Abel”. Cain is forced to leave and winds up in the land of Nod, east of Eden. In the land of Nod, Cain takes a wife, whoa, whoa, whoa where did she come from? Ah yes, she is from those in the First Story of Creation. So, if Adam lived to be 912 years old, I think that clay came from somewhere else other than this planet. What about you? Ever notice that the Bible doesn’t say much on how old the women were when they died, I guess the writers are being polite. As time goes on and on, the generations of Adam and Eve, are becoming more and more influenced by Satan, so much so, that God thought it was time to get rid of a great number of people that were, In the eyes of the God of this planet earth was becoming corrupt and full of lawlessness, all that is except for a righteous man and his family. God needed to get rid of all the mortals in Noah's world and to do this; God would flood the Noah's world and kill all living things. God instructs Noah to build an Ark that not only would save his family’s lives, but would also save the lives of countless animals, that were without sin. Ever wonder how Noah got all those animals in the Ark. They not only came two by two, but there were 7 pairs of clean animals, that’s 14 cows, 14 horses, 14 dogs,+ + + + and then only one pair of unclean animals, that’s just two pigs, + + +. OK here’s my idea, instead of taking on all mature animals,like in those pictures in the Bible, let’s just take the baby animals, that way the meat eaters would drink milk, instead of having to have meat to eat. And the amount of hay that was needed would be a lot less. I’m just saying I am not changing the Bible, just trying to make it more understandable, and more real. OK the rain starts and continues for 40 days and 40 nights, sometime during the rain, the Ark begins to float, but without GPS, where will they end up? This is why I believe that God talks about the world as Noah’s world, not the planet. You see they were on this Ark for nearly 5 months before a dove returned with a branch that had green leaves on it, which causes me to believe that the flood did not kill every living thing on the planet, just those living things in Noah’s world. If you check out Greek mythology you will find that they too had a flood about the same time; however a good number of those people lived to tell about it. Plus the fact that not all the animals on this planet made it to the ark nor did they have to. There were many animals and other peoples living on different continuants that never heard of the Great Flood of Noah’s World. This appears to be the second time God tried to rein in mankind, the first was with Adam. As you continue through the Bible, there will be many more times. Getting to 21 December, 2012, almost there, so stay with me. Now this brings us to the time of life of Jesus. Could this one be our Hero? To tell this story as it should be told with historical facts would take too long at this time, we need to get to 2012. So let us pick up after the resurrection, and explain just how the soon to be named, Christians, were taken down the wrong path. Jesus tells Peter, that Peter will be the corner stone of his church. However Jesus tells James the Just, Jesus’ brother, that James is now in charge of the disciples and is to takeover for the Lord. Jesus was a Jew. I don’t believe His intent was to start a new religion; instead it was to clean up the corruption and lawlessness in the high ranking Jewish leaders and the Jewish Priests. Peter goes off to Rome and starts what he believes is to be the church of a better Jewish religion. This better Jewish religion doesn’t really start to pick up steam until it is decided to allow Pagans to join in the new movement. This meant changing the day of worship to Sunday and incorporating some of the Pagan holidays to be used as well. By doing this, the number of followers of Jesus Christ, began to grow and this also began to do away with the persecution of the ones that had become known as Christians. The practice of worshiping on Sunday continued until the Council of Laodicea in 363 AD, where it was made official that Christians would continue to worship on Sunday. (See Cannon 29.) This is in direct violation of the commandment that says “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”. The Sabbath is the last day of the week, or better known as Saturday. Sunday is known as the first day of the week and is the day the Pagans worshiped the sun God “RA”. It should be noted that there is no mention of either God or Jesus, being present at the Council of Laodicea, and giving their approval of the change of the Sabbath as the day of worship. Some Christian leader will argue that it was changed to Sunday because this is the Day that Christ rose from the grave, so they renamed it “The Lords day”. I know somewhere Jesus says He spent 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb. If Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, how could He have risen on Sunday? Still no where does it say that either God or Jesus changed the day of worship from Saturday. Here I am having an “ah ha” moment. This makes since, Satan wants us to disrespect the Sabbath, by thinking that if we worship on Sunday, that we do not need to rest on the Sabbath. And that is just what we have done, isn’t it? For all these years we have been deceived by Satan and it has cost us our closeness to God. By not observing the Sabbath as it was intended, allows Satan to have the control over us that He so desires. In order to have God help us rid our planet of Satan we must get back to observing the Sabbath. And we need to start NOW. We struggle with all the commandments, however the commandment that rules the Sabbath, we have pretty much done away with. In doing so, we have allowed Satan to operate in our world without the fear of punishment or the fear of being cast off or our planet. And this brings us to 21 December 2012. By once again following the laws of God, we will be able to cast Satan and all his demons and evil doers off this planet and cleanse our planet of evil. Keep in mind, that we will need a majority of people that are following the laws of God, in order to have God help us rid this planet of evil. It is of the utmost importance that we understand that not all people on this planet will go along with us; therefore, we must not use anger or fear to persuade those that do not understand the importance of what we are trying to accomplish. We must lead by example; we do not have the right to tell people that if they do not do as we say that we will be damned for generations to come. However, we must educate then on the events that are about to take place and ask them to join us in our quest to rid this planet of evil. Also if they do not feel strong enough to join us then, ask them to pray a simple prayer with us or by themselves as many times as they can, during this next year. Beginning today or as soon as you get word of it, through the entire time leading up to 21 December, 2012 and include the rest of the days of the year 2012. This year ahead will not be easy. Being nice to others, in order that they will want to join the movement, this will be easy for some, as for others it may be our down fall. However, doing nothing is not an option. This movement must span throughout all religions.

               How can Satan have so much power?

Divide and separate to conquer. It has been used all the time throughout history. Actually it doesn’t take much. We the people, we are the flock, and appear to be happy with the way things are, so we follow our Sheppard’s with blind faith. Who are the Sheppard’s, you ask? They are the religious leaders that have spend most of their lifetime studying the Bible and setting the example for which we are to live our lives by, or so we might think. A Sheppard is human just like us and they too can be swayed by Satan. Sometimes when a Sheppard is asked a question that seems not to have an easy answer or the answer is not easily found in the Bible, they are more likely to ask you to question your faith. Do you have faith or are you a believer? They ask. No one but God has all the answers, so we are told, and there-fore people believe that they are not to know all the answers, and continue to be led like lambs to the slaughter. Looking for a role model in life, try Jesus. Jesus said “question everything”. Here is just one way, where we as Christians, help Satan or better yet, allow Satan to have power over us. First, Jesus was and always will be a Jew. He was born a Jew, lived his life as a Jew, preached as a Jew, and was buried as a Jew. Jesus did not want to start a new religion, but instead wanted to purify the Jewish religion that had become corrupt and miss-leading of the people. He wanted to get back to the basics and remove the added traditions that clouded the Jewish religion. And those in charge were not pleased. The high Priest and the Romans were in control of what the Israelites’ thought and did. Satan knew that as long the people were divided they would never pose a threat. Remember these are God’s chosen people and they way they live their lives is to be the example that all other people are to emulate. Now, as always, the larger the group the larger the division in that group, and without a common cause or goal to be obtained, then the group breaks down into small groups that gets lost along the way. To work as a group, we need leadership, not a ruler. Satan loves to rule by division. As we have all heard some time or another, God has a plan for us all. For some of you that plan came early in life, as for me it did not come until I prayed for it, Yes I said I prayed for it. It was simple, I just prayed “God what can I do for you”, and God answered with what I am writing here. “Be careful what you pray for”, yes, that thought had crossed my mind. Along with “God will never give you something that He believes you cannot handle”. Since God has given me this task to work on, I know I am not alone. I am here to ask YOU to help me, and to help God and Jesus accomplish this task. God wills all of us to help accomplish what needs to be done and what can be done. If there is ever a time to unite all the people of this planet, it is now and though the next year. I am not asking for all the religions to unite, Just the people of this planet along with Jesus is all that is needed to help God cast Satan and Satan’s evil doers off from this planet and cast them to a place where they can no longer influence any life-forms. On 21 December, 2012 the gateway of the cosmos will open to allow this to take place, but it can only take place if the majority of the people on this planet along with Jesus and the power of God and the Angels in Heaven work and pray together to make to happen. You should know that I have recently changed my lifestyle, and now I observe the Sabbath on Saturday as God intended for it to be. Please keep in mind that I will never judge you on your lifestyle, for that is not for me to do. I will judge my own lifestyle as I see fit in accordance with the laws of God and I will let you do the same for yourself. Now, do not believe for one second that Satan will leave peacefully. He will fight us all the way. If you thought it will be bad for Satan to be cast into Hell for a thousand years, just think what He will try to do, to keep from being cast off from this planet. A physical war is easy to fight when it is clear which side is which. But Satan will turn everything upside down and inside out, Satan will also give out truths as well as lies, Plus He will make it an emotional war as well. We MUST keep our faith in each other and be committed in our efforts to help God to cast Satan and the evil ones off from this planet. We must also pray for God and His angels to mark the evil side. Things to do: 1. Pray to God (Elijah) and to Jesus for guidance, truth, and a sign from God, and the commitment to see this task through, along with all the others that want Satan and his lot to be casted off from this planet. 2. Pray for this information to reach all the people of this planet in time, so they too can help God (Elijah) and Jesus and the rest of us in our quest. Copy this and send it to as many people that you can and have them do the same, in order to get the word out. 3. Never pressure anyone to join us, for Satan will be doing a lot of pressuring of the people. Instead educate the people of what is coming and what they can do to be a part of this epic task. Truth and Knowledge is power over Satan. 4. Keep the Sabbath holy. This, I found to be easier than I thought it would be. And for those that have to work on the Sabbath, remember to ask God for forgiveness, until you find a job that does not require you to work on Saturday or you get to a place in your company that does not require you to work on Saturday. There is no quick fix for this. Remember that the Sabbath starts on Saturday at sunrise and ends Saturday at sundown. [Genesis:1;5,8,13,19,23,31] 5. Pray for God and His angels to mark the evil side and give us the ability to recognize the Evil ones. Also in your prayers ask God to help us to help others. 6. Remember do nothing, and Satan wins and gets to stay around for a while.

            I know it sounds like I ramble on at times. You can rewrite this if it will help make better sense, however understand it is protected by the will of God [Elijah], not by me. If you want to help and make an input, make sure that you ask God or Jesus for the right and guidance to do so.

I look forward to your input and help. In the name of the Father (Elijah), Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit, I pray this, Amen (So Be It). Thanks in advance.