Essay:Election advice from liberals is like owning a car without wheels

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One of the most or maybe even the most liberal Republican in Congress switches party affiliation for personal gain and liberals from all the mainstream media outlets have advice for the GOP. It is a big joke but the joke is on them. Their once esteemed profession has been reduced to blithering talking idiots who now rank in popularity next to used car salesmen. Instead of playing the important role of watching over the government, the MSM has been reduced to lap dogs for the Democratic party. It is true, America is oversold. However, the MSM is banking on you being dumber than rocks. Liberal journalists are lining-up to give the GOP free advice on its future.

In reality, the Conservative movement is alive and well. The general election was lost by a mere 6 million votes. Liberals used every deceit in the book so that the end would justify the means for the presidency. As Conservatives rightly strive to win fairly, the other side strives to win at any cost, including lying. America did not vote for the liberal agenda and America is more conservative than ever. [1] Conservatives need to stay on the morality track. The people who are now in power were wrong on nearly every important issue in America. It's their fortunes that will sour. It is they who feel the need to proclaim with confidence their majority status, for fear of losing again. The Republican party is a much bigger tent than the Democrats envision. Democrats are the party that doesn't tolerate its own who are pro-military. They don't tolerate religious who stand up for their beliefs. The Democrats want its base to be the base of abortion and will only tolerate pro-life members if they compromise their religious viewpoint. The taxpayer uprising is just the first 100 days. The drums are beating loudly and liberalism is in the cross hairs.

Below is some wonderful advice, from liberals, on how the GOP can get back on track. If you believe them, then I got some swamp land to sell you.

  • Bonnie Erbe of U.S. News & World Report and PBS

Erbe urged GOP chairman Michael Steele to abort the Republican Party's coalition with religious conservatives

  • Chris Matthews of MSNBC

"They needed to abandon their "cut taxes, shrink government," message and some of their "trollish" spokesmen like Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich because they're turning off families, women and "people who think that caring matters."

  • Joe Klein of Time magazine

"The GOP should moderate on health care because it would finally make them, "look sane!" and "bring them into...the mainstream of American politics."

  • Howard Fineman of Newsweek

The conservative message of "cut taxes, shrink," government that was the problem: "But it doesn't sell with, with people outside of their base demographic which are white males."

  • ABC’s World News Saturday, and CBS Evening News

Their correspondents suggested that conservative positions on social issues were responsible for the Republican party’s recent electoral misfortunes.

  • Evan Thomas from Newsweek

"Republicans are now “exactly like the Labor Party in England in the 1970s. They're letting their extremists take them straight down.”

  • Peggy Noonan from WSJ

"A great party cannot live by constantly subtracting, by removing or shunning those who are not faithful to every aspect of its beliefs, or who don't accept every pole, or who are just barely fitting under the tent."

In conclusion, the liberals in media desperately want you to believe them. They prop-up people like Meghan McCain, another RINO liberal. They tout Bristol Palin as smarter than her mother. One conservative after another, the liberal media feels the need to attack the messenger, out of fear. You are set up America, it is not your interests they work for, it is theirs. A big surprise awaits them at the next election cycle because that is all it was. The Democrats victory was not an endorsement of liberalism, nothing but a victory of election cycles.


  1. Newsbusters, May 2, 2009