Essay:Fair and balanced is not part of the Conservative platform

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Essay:Fair and balanced is not part of the Conservative platform

Conservatism is wrongly interpreted and misunderstood by nearly all liberals. They wrongly associate the center-right media company Fox News with the conservative movement. The fair and balanced argument is the left's attempt to stifle dissent of liberalism. Proclaiming the right must offer a fair and balanced viewpoint, they seek to have the liberal views as a necessary requirement to any debate. This was never a requirement or a plank of the conservative movement. America may find many moderates accepting both positions, left and right. However, the Conservative movement adheres to certain principles that are non-negotiable.

  • Limited government is non-negotiable. Less government will always be in the Conservative platform. This means more power to the people, not lawmakers.
  • Abortion is non-negotiable. Conservatives will never justify the innocent death of a child in the womb.
  • Religion is a right worthy of protection. Conservatives properly recognise that the Truth is the guiding principle of the movement. Attempts to remove or weaken religion through man-made laws is an unacceptable viewpoint. Morality is a requirement for conservatives.
  • Capitalism, self-reliance, responsibility, hard work and the rejection of government handouts is a core underlying principle. Americans have the freedom to reap rewards of its' labor. If Americans choose not to labor, they are entitled to nothing. Entitlements represent socialist viewpoints.


Everyday in shools around the Western world, student are given one-sided augments as fact, such as the case involving the teaching of Evolution. Teaching other views such as Intelligent Design or Young Earth Creationism is frowned upon, discouraged or forbidden. They will say these are not proven but hypothesis. When in fact evolution is not proven but a hypothesis as well. As with Conservapedia, we do not need to present both sides of the debate. We present the truth and you decide for yourself what is to believed.

Some will argue about abortion, the rights of the mother, to be fair for her sake. Yet these same people are not fair to the child. These people do not care about God's law. These people protest using deceitful language and false assumptions. There are no exceptions. 'Yeah but what about' is always their comeback. A child conceived is conceived by the blessings of God. Rape, incest, deformed or retarded children are no excuse to abort. Those very reasons can be used as an excuse not to raise the child and give-up for adoption. There is no justification to kill and every soul has a right to life, non-negotiable. We don't teach that it is fair to allow in some circumstances.

Liberals argue we must do more for the less fortunate. Conservatives can agree with this but not at the expense of our principles. There is a saying 'Give a man a fish you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.' Handouts do not better an individual and there is nothing unfair about it. Balance does not mean you have to live poor because others are. Personal responsibility makes better people, better neighbors, and a better country.

In Conclusion

Fair and balanced is a motto for a media company, not the Conservative movement. We will continue to oppose those who disagree and we stand-up for all that is rightous and good. Evil is not balanced, there can be no fairness in regards to the Truth.